Provides 3M With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    In the era of the new technological wave, traditional manufacturing industries worldwide are presented with unique opportunities for growth and transformation. Faced with this pivotal moment, companies seek solutions to navigate the changing landscape. Udesk has responded to this industry-wide shift by addressing the specific challenges within the manufacturing sector.

    • 1.Technological Adaptation:

      Traditional manufacturing industries require strategies to embrace and leverage the new generation of technology for sustained growth.

    • 2.Efficient Outbound Call Operations:

      There is a pressing need for enhanced efficiency in outbound call operations, specifically in scenarios like product supplier screening, potential customer screening, and event notification.

    • 3.Script Standardization:

      Standardizing outbound call scripts is crucial for consistency and effectiveness in communication. The demand is for a solution that eliminates the need for extensive manual script training.

  • Solution

    • 1.Automated Outbound Call Scripts:

      Udesk has compiled more than 30 sets of outbound call scripts, each tailored for scenarios such as product supplier screening, potential customer screening, and event notification. The innovation lies in dedicated robot outbound calls for each scenario, automating processes and significantly reducing manual workload.

    • 2.Efficiency Through Robotics:

      The dedicated robot outbound calls introduced by Udesk have resulted in a notable 70% reduction in manual workload. Users can now 'supervise' the robots, ensuring streamlined operations and allowing human resources to focus on strategic tasks.

  • Achievements

    • Outbound Call Completion Rate:

      Exceeding 65%, the outbound call completion rate demonstrates the effectiveness of automated scripts in engaging with the intended audience.

    • Intentional Customer Rate:

      Reaching 20%, the intentional customer rate signifies the successful alignment between automated scripts and the preferences of the targeted audience.

    • In summary, Udesk's proactive approach to providing automated outbound call scripts has not only met the immediate needs of traditional manufacturing industries but has also resulted in significant efficiency gains and positive outcomes in customer engagement.

  • 3M

  • Minnesota, USA

  • Manufacturing Industry

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