Voice Chatbot
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Voice Chatbot integrates customer and agent interactions across various channels, including phone, email, chat, text, and social media.

Create a new world of exceptional efficiency and empathy

Imagine a world where contact centers can anticipate and effectively respond to customer needs, ensuring customer satisfaction with every interaction, while employees are passionate about their work every day.

Voice Chatbot can turn this vision into reality. Thousands of global enterprises are leveraging this powerful, integrated contact center solution, providing a seamless and empathetic experience that delights customers.

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Effortless experiences with an intuitive design
Rapidly deploy and facilitate seamless conversations across all channels with Voice Chatbot. The user-friendly interface is easily configurable without the need for technical expertise.
Unified CX and WEM, augmented by AI
Effortlessly manage customer experiences and workforce engagement with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate routine tasks and derive valuable insights from your data.
Scalable and adaptable platform
Customize your optimal solution using a wide range of native components, an extensive partner ecosystem, and open APIs. Our forward-looking cloud-first approach is designed to address future challenges, ensuring that your business remains well-equipped for what lies ahead.

Comprehensive suite of tools in a unified platform

Create a seamless customer experience by integrating a tailored combination of Genesys Cloud components, encompassing robust voice, digital, AI, analytics, and workforce management capabilities. Enhance your solution with a diverse range of open APIs, pre-built integrations.

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Customer self-service
Customer self-service
Leverage AI-driven conversational technologies Enhance customer support with multilingual speech-enabled IVR, conversational voicebots, and AI-powered chatbots. These solutions enable seamless interactions across channels, offering efficient self-service options and smooth transitions to live agent support.
Digital channels
Digital channels
Utilize diverse communication channels Efficiently address customer needs through live chat, email, SMS messaging, and social media integration, ensuring consistent, effective, and convenient customer interactions.
Voice services
Voice services
Voice Chatbot offers VoIP telephony, BYOC options, and DIY administration for seamless call center management. Purchase, provision phone numbers, maintain carrier relationships, and scale communication needs easily.

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