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Your customers should have the best AI chatbot
To instantly solve problems, improve team efficiency, and make customers more satisfied through AI-driven chatbots and automation.

Instantly resolve 70% of your support inquiries.

Introducing AI Chatbot, our cutting-edge AI chatbot. Utilizing advanced AI language models, AI Chatbot effortlessly resolves customer concerns with secure, precise, and natural language responses derived exclusively from your support materials.

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Significantly decrease your support workload.
With the ability to promptly and accurately address over 50% of customer inquiries, AI Chatbot enables your team to prioritize more high-value conversations.
A dependable AI chatbot
Incorporated safety measures guarantee that AI Chatbot provides responses solely based on your support content, and the AI Chatbot conversations in inbox feature enables your team to oversee all of AI Chatbot 's interactions.
Rapid Activation
Simply direct it to your content—whether it's Intercom Articles, Udesk Help Center, or any public URL—and activate it. No training, configuration, or new bot paths required.
You decide when and who to control
Enhance AI Chatbot with Custom Answers for critical inquiries. For all other matters, Fin seamlessly transfers conversations to your support team.

Leverage our visual automation builder to streamline and automate repetitive tasks on a large scale

Create robust automations for both customers and team members using no-code building blocks, including bots, triggers, conditions, and rules.

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No coding required.
No coding required.
Implement workflows to automate manual tasks, including routing, snoozing, and closing conversations.
Robust and adaptable
Robust and adaptable
Workflows offer extensive customization options, enabling the creation of personalized journeys that provide tangible value for your customers.
Gain an advantage
Gain an advantage
Utilize numerous pre-built templates for common use cases, ranging from support triage to customer onboarding and CSAT.

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