Use Analytics in udesk to enhance team performance and CX
Make data-driven decisions using actionable insights from custom reports and real-time consolidated dashboards.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Gain access to professional and reliable actionable insights right at your fingertips, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Create Custom Reports
Leverage the capability to generate tailor-made reports. Whether starting from the ground up or enhancing Hiver's existing reports, you can effectively scrutinize and evaluate your team's performance with precision and depth.
Automate Leadership Reports
Generate immediate reports or set up automated schedules for weekly, monthly, or annual evaluations of your team and business performance, ensuring comprehensive and timely insights for informed decision-making.
Create Dynamic Dashboards
stablish interactive dashboards to monitor real-time performance metrics across shared inboxes and team members, enabling comprehensive visibility and informed decision-making based on up-to-the-minute insights.

Make data-driven decisions with consolidated dashboards

1.Assess and enhance your team's performance in managing shared inboxes.

2.Furnish business insights by creating dashboards tailored for senior leadership.

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Round-the-clock monitoring
Round-the-clock monitoring
Maintain timely customer support through proactive monitoring of SLAs to ensure adherence and prompt resolution.
Plenty dimension
Plenty dimension
Analyze the workload and productivity of the team to ensure an equitable distribution of tasks.
Increased satisfaction
Increased satisfaction
Enhance customer satisfaction by monitoring CSAT scores at both team and individual levels to identify areas for improvement and recognize high-performing individuals.

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