Udesk Privacy Policy

1. Explanation of User Information Disclosure

Respecting the personal privacy of users is a fundamental policy of UDESK. We will collect and store data from the app using the Udesk SDK, including but not limited to: SDK version number, screen size, mobile network operator, device model, mobile operating system version number, app name, app version, timestamp, time zone, and network information. UDESK will not disclose, edit, or reveal the user registration information and non-public content stored in this application without the lawful authorization of the user, except in the following circumstances.

2. Scope of Privacy Policy

3. Information Disclosure and Sharing

UDESK will not intentionally disclose, rent, or sell users personal information and information to any third party, except in the following cases:

4. Cookies and Log Files

By using cookies, this application provides users with a simple, convenient, and personalized web experience. Cookies help us identify the pages and content that users access and store this information. We use our own cookies for the following purposes:

5. Account Deletion Request

Users have the right to edit their account information and data on UDESK at any time. Users can also fill out relevant application forms to request the deletion of their personal account. However, users unconditionally agree that after their account is deleted, the information and data related to the account will still be retained in the website records, except as provided in Article 3 above. UDESK will keep this information confidential for the user.

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