Enhance healthcare through an integrated patient experience

Empower patients, care teams, employees, and providers with Udesk, offering support across all channels and at any time. Our ePHI secure cloud environment ensures compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, PCI, and other regulatory standards, providing you with the confidence in maintaining data security and privacy.

Ensuring prioritization of patient access is crucial.
Moving forward, it is imperative to maintain a steadfast focus on patient access, particularly with the increasing demands on health systems in the post-pandemic landscape. Providing patients with the necessary information and compassionate support is paramount. Udesk plays a pivotal role in mitigating disruptions in the patient journey, such as prolonged wait times and challenges in connecting with the appropriate resources.
Integrating your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to operationalize data is essential. This involves driving efficiencies and minimizing patient leakage through the implementation of automation, digital deflection, and quality management strategies. Furthermore, enhancing patient loyalty, promoting adherence to care plans, and elevating the overall patient experience across every interaction can be achieved through the integration of AI.
Deliver Comprehensive Virtual Care
The demand for healthcare services is growing, driven by factors such as aging populations and the need for effective chronic disease management. This necessitates the development of innovative care models. Udesk offers solutions to facilitate virtual care plan management and nursing.
Access the necessary resources to bolster contact centers specializing in telehealth, behavioral health, and chronic disease wellness. Facilitate virtual connections between patients and nurse triage, remote patient monitoring, and home care workflows. This approach not only alleviates pressure on urgent and emergency care centers but also enhances patient access to care.
Enhance Member, Employee, and Provider
Experiences Fee-for-outcome models are increasingly standard for Medicare, Medicaid, and government healthcare programs. Care plans, wellness initiatives, and adherence are pivotal in achieving positive patient outcomes. It is essential for members and patients to comprehend their care plans and feel empowered to adhere to the prescribed regimen.
Gain insight into the quality of the experiences you deliver. Udesk simplifies the identification of interactions requiring additional support, such as coverage determination. Through our contact center software, you can enhance CAHPS and Star ratings, ultimately driving improved member and patient engagement.
Streamline and Enhance Standard Pharmacy Interactions
Patients frequently require information regarding their medications. Automating calls related to refills, renewals, and other pharmacy inquiries expedites the provision of answers to patients. This approach also alleviates pressure on pharmacy management when more in-depth patient and care team engagement is necessary.
Routine interactions can also be automated. Care teams can send reminders to patients to adhere to their care plans or provide medication guidance without requiring a live call. Quality tools facilitate the identification of medication adherence issues.
Provide Compassionate Support During Critical
Situations Ensure that patients have access to essential services when they are needed the most. In times of emergency management or disaster response, it is crucial for your health system to be prepared to handle heightened demand. The appropriate technology will be able to scale and adapt rapidly as circumstances change.
Patients, care teams, and families require responsive services during pandemics, natural or human-made disasters, or public health crises. They should have access to information without enduring long wait times. AI-powered capabilities help to minimize time-to-resolution, guaranteeing that assisted service is consistently available to those who require it.

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