Provides watsons With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    As a well-known international retail chain company, Watsons has seen a growing demand for customer service with the rapid development of its business. However, the existing customer service system cannot meet these needs, resulting in a decrease in customer satisfaction.

  • Solution

    Udesk has provided Watsons with a brand new customer service system SAAS software solution. This system has intelligent routing and automation functions, which can quickly and accurately respond to customer needs. Under our guidance, Watsons conducted comprehensive testing and evaluation of the software.

  • Achievements

    After several months of testing and evaluation, Watsons ultimately decided to use the Udesk customer service system SAAS software. After using this system, Watsons' Customer service response speed and efficiency have been significantly improved, and customer satisfaction has also increased significantly. At the same time, the system also supports multilingual and multi-channel communication, further improving the level and quality of customer service.


  • Hong Kong, China

  • Consumer Goods

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