Provides SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and a Fortune Global 500 company, operates in over 100 countries with a workforce exceeding 140,000. The company caters to diverse markets, including energy, infrastructure, industrial, data centers, buildings, and residential sectors.

    Schneider Electric faced several challenges:

    • 1.Diverse Customer Channels:

      The presence of multiple customer channels led to dispersed problem-solving capabilities.

    • 2.Real-time Customer Demands:

      Continuous customer demands required immediate responses, challenging the limited human customer service hours.

    • 3.Complex Customer Queries:

      Complex customer queries and a limited knowledge base among customer service personnel hindered precise responses.

  • Solution

    Schneider Electric addressed these challenges with a comprehensive strategy:

    • 1.Online Customer Service:

      Integration of multiple channels in the online customer service platform improved efficiency, allowing effective monitoring and data statistics for enhanced service quality.

    • 2.Intelligent Chatbots:

      Implementation of intelligent chatbots facilitated 24/7 quick responses to customer needs, efficiently managing simple, repetitive inquiries. This not only reduced the workload for customer service but also elevated user satisfaction, fostering mutual benefits.

    • 3.KCS Knowledge Base:

      Integration of the KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) knowledge base, equipped with enterprise search capabilities, empowered customer service personnel to deliver more accurate, professional, and in-depth responses.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Enhanced Customer Service Efficiency:

      Schneider Electric successfully addressed dispersed problem-solving by integrating multiple channels, significantly enhancing customer service efficiency.

    • 2.Timely Responses to Customer Demands:

      The implementation of intelligent chatbots ensured 24/7 responsiveness, meeting real-time customer demands and improving overall service accessibility.

    • 3.Precise and Knowledgeable Responses:

      The KCS knowledge base integration improved the precision and depth of responses from customer service personnel, ensuring more accurate and professional interactions.

    • This comprehensive strategy allowed Schneider Electric to optimize customer service capabilities, providing timely, accurate, and efficient solutions to meet diverse customer needs.


  • Paris, France

  • Manufacturing industry

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