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  • Background

    Estée Lauder a global giant in skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances, bears the name of its founder. Founded in 1946, Estee Lauder primarily caters to a broad consumer base. In December 2018, the "2018 World's Top 500 Brands," compiled by the World Brand Lab, ranked Estee Lauder at 227.

    Estee Lauder currently faces several business challenges:

    • 1.Unified Customer Service Platform:

      There is a need to establish a unified customer service platform to enhance the service experience for a larger customer base, aiming to earn better customer reviews and boost overall performance.

    • 2.AI Service Implementation:

      Estee Lauder has a long-term plan for the implementation of AI-driven services to elevate the overall standard of customer service within the company. The goal is to use AI services strategically to enhance customer interactions and satisfaction.

    • 3.Elevating Customer Service Standards:

      Estee Lauder aims to raise the proficiency of the entire customer service team and conduct quality checks on their performance. The overarching objective is to set industry benchmarks for service excellence and become a leader in the field.

  • Solution

    • 1.WeChat Public Account Integration:

      Native integration with WeChat public accounts allows customers to initiate online consultations through the WeChat platform. Customer service representatives can efficiently handle inquiries from a unified workspace.

    • 2.Mini Program Customer Service Enhancement:

      Future plans include enhancing customer service through mini programs, with a strategic vision for developing a mini-program store. A comprehensive software solution with full-channel integration capabilities is sought to seamlessly connect with these emerging channels.

    • 3.AI Application for Workload Reduction:

      Implementation of AI-powered chatbots is intended to handle basic customer queries when they initiate contact. This approach aims to reduce the workload on human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex interactions.

    • 4.CRM System Integration:

      Integration with Estee Lauder's CRM management system is crucial. This integration ensures that customer service representatives have access to detailed customer information during interactions, facilitating more targeted and personalized communication.

    • 5.Enhanced Quality Assurance Coverage:

      Estee Lauder places high demands on the quality of customer service. To meet these standards, there is a need to increase the coverage of quality assurance processes, ensuring the entire customer service system delivers high-quality service consistently.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Seamless WeChat Experience:

      The successful integration with WeChat public accounts has transformed the customer service landscape for Estee Lauder. Customers now enjoy a seamless experience initiating online consultations directly through WeChat. This integration has streamlined the process for both customers and service representatives.

    • 2.Mini Program Excellence:

      The implementation of mini-program customer service has marked a significant stride in Estee Lauder's digital strategy. With a comprehensive software solution supporting full-channel integration capabilities, the company is well-positioned to enhance customer engagement through planned mini-program stores.

    • 3.Efficient AI Assistance:

      The deployment of AI-powered chatbots has proven effective in handling routine customer inquiries. This has resulted in a notable reduction in the workload for human agents, allowing them to focus on more intricate and personalized customer interactions.

    • 4.CRM Synergy for Personalized Interactions:

      Integration with Estee Lauder's CRM management system has empowered customer service representatives with access to detailed customer information. This integration ensures more personalized and targeted communication, contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

    • 5.Elevated Quality Assurance Standards:

      Estee Lauder has successfully elevated its customer service quality through increased quality assurance coverage. Rigorous quality checks and assessments have become integral, ensuring that the entire customer service system consistently delivers high-quality service that aligns with the company's standards and customer expectations.

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