Provides DYSON With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    Before the implementation of Udesk's Video Customer Service Solution, Dyson's aftersales service in mainland China relied on a centralized repair model with key centers in Beijing, Suzhou, and Shenzhen. This approach presented several challenges: a prolonged aftersales cycle, typically taking around 7 days, negatively impacting customer experience. Additionally, a significant portion of machines sent for repair had no substantial faults but resulted from user errors or inadequate maintenance practices. These issues contributed to poor customer satisfaction and increased logistics costs for the round-trip repair process.

    In response to these challenges, Dyson recognized the need to update its customer service reception method. The decision was made to explore video consultations, allowing remote troubleshooting, providing usage guidance, and minimizing unnecessary machine repairs. This approach aimed to enhance the customer aftersales experience while reducing company aftersales costs.

  • Solution

    Udesk's Video Customer Service Solution introduced the "Video Engineer Service Project" for Dyson, focusing on three main aspects:

    • 1.Aftersales Process Optimization:

      Udesk initially streamlined Dyson's aftersales business process. Customer inquiries were first directed to frontline customer service personnel for initial screening. When the need for engineer involvement was identified, a video connection was established between the engineer and the customer to troubleshoot issues and guide problem resolution.

    • 2.Video Engineer Workflow Refinement:

      Emphasizing video service scenarios, Udesk organized the workflow for video engineers. This included fault determination and evidence collection, guiding and demonstrating troubleshooting procedures to users, and providing additional consultation services such as maintenance methods and product recommendations.

    • 3.Flexible System Integration:

      Udesk facilitated seamless integration between the video customer service system and Dyson's business system. With secure SaaS cloud services and flexible API interfaces, Dyson's business system could autonomously access Udesk's API, ensuring real-time synchronization of customer service data and obtaining video links for user interaction across different channels.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Aftersales Cycle Reduction:

      The aftersales cycle was reduced from 7 days to an impressive 7 minutes, signifying a substantial improvement in service efficiency.

    • 2.Enhanced Customer Experience:

      Video Engineer Service provided a notable upgrade to the customer experience. Video interactions transcended text and voice, offering efficient communication and a "face-to-face" service experience, particularly within the WeChat environment through a user-friendly mini-program.

    • 3.Cost Reduction:

      The solution successfully achieved a dual cost reduction effect. Firstly, Dyson saved costs on aftersales services by swiftly resolving non-substantive repair requests through video consultations. Approximately 50% to 60% of such repair requests were effectively addressed through this approach, resulting in significant savings in offline assessment manpower and logistics expenses.Udesk's Video Customer Service Solution minimized system integration costs. With secure cloud services and accessible API interfaces, the implementation process was streamlined, avoiding unnecessary complexities and costs.

    • Dyson's Video Engineer Service, powered by Udesk, has not only optimized and upgraded its aftersales services but has also demonstrated tangible efficiency gains and cost reductions, earning acclaim from satisfied consumers.


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