Provides EXXON MOBIL With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    ExxonMobil, established by John D. Rockefeller in 1882, is a global oil and petrochemical giant headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA. Operating in 200+ countries, the company employs 86,000 professionals, excelling as the world's largest private oil and gas producer and a major refining entity with a daily capacity of 6.4 million barrels. It has 37,000+ retail stations, serving a million industrial clients.

    ExxonMobil faced several challenges:

    • 1.Lack of Centralized Consumer Contact Center:

      ExxonMobil faces challenges due to the absence of a centralized consumer contact center. This results in prolonged service response times, a lack of data insights into consumer cases, and inconsistent service levels across departments.

    • 2.Diverse Touchpoints and Management:

      The company's business spans diverse touchpoints, including offline promotional activities, anti-counterfeiting hotlines, loyalty programs, and various online e-commerce platforms. Each touchpoint is managed by third-party service providers (TPs) and marketing agencies.

    • 3.Emphasis on the Chinese Market:

      Recognizing the importance of the Chinese market, ExxonMobil has always prioritized its presence in the region. The company acknowledges the unique impact of customer experience on overall business performance.

  • Solution

    • 1.Multi-Channel Integration:

      Integrated various consultation channels, enabling customers to initiate inquiries through diverse platforms.Centralized customer service on a unified workspace, streamlining inquiry reception.

    • 2.AI Application for Workload Reduction:

      Implemented a text-based chatbot to address basic customer queries upon entry.Effectively reduced manual workload, allowing human agents to focus on more complex tasks.

    • 3.CRM System Integration:

      Successfully interfaced with ExxonMobil's CRM management system.Empowered customer service agents with access to detailed customer profiles, facilitating personalized interactions.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Establishment of Centralized Customer Service Hub:

      ExxonMobil has successfully transitioned from decentralized service methods to a centralized customer service hub. Through the implementation of a phased project, the company has established a central platform for customer service. This includes predominantly outsourced seat services, with ExxonMobil personnel collaborating and managing customer service through work orders, monitoring, and intelligent quality inspections.

    • 2.Integration of Intelligent Solutions:

      The application of intelligent solutions in this project has been notably successful. The introduction of chatbots achieved an impressive resolution rate of approximately 50% in the early stages without extensive training. Additionally, ExxonMobil successfully integrated intelligent solutions into aspects such as human-machine collaboration and intelligent quality inspections, yielding positive outcomes.

    • 3.Initiation of Customer Research Framework:

      Recognizing the crucial role of customer experience improvement, ExxonMobil has initiated a comprehensive customer research framework. This includes gathering feedback from various customer touchpoints, utilizing both online and offline channels to enhance services. In the second phase, the company plans to launch a customer experience program, leveraging online promotions and offline touchpoints to collect customer preferences, aligning with market trends, and continuously enhancing services.


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