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  • Background

    Hilton Hotels and Resorts, a globally renowned brand, stands as a modern and visionary exemplar in the hospitality industry. With a 92-year history, Hilton continues to lead the industry through constant innovation in products, facilities, and services. Utilizing intelligent design, innovative dining concepts, warm and attentive service, along with a commitment to global communities, Hilton aims to make travel more seamless. Presently, Hilton serves more countries/regions than any other comprehensive hotel brand, with over 570 hotels and resorts spanning six continents in 79 countries/regions.

    Challenges with the Hilton include:

    • 1.Hilton (Japan) currently lacks an online communication channel, requiring integration with LINE for inquiries. The platform also needs to support both Japanese backend and frontend interfaces.

    • 2.To address high-frequency repetitive queries, Hilton seeks to implement text-based chatbot services to reduce the workload of customer service personnel and enhance overall efficiency.

  • Solution

    To address the challenges faced by Hilton, Udesk proposes the following comprehensive solutions:

    • 1.LINE Channel Integration:

      Udesk offers seamless integration with LINE, providing a channel for users to inquire in multiple languages, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of those seeking information.

    • 2.Overseas Site Deployment:

      Deploying overseas nodes will mitigate latency issues for international visitors accessing the domestic platform. This deployment aims to enhance customer experience, making the integration with overseas channels more convenient.

    • 3.Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot:

      Implementing an intelligent chatbot to handle repetitive and common queries independently. This solution alleviates the workload on human customer service personnel, allowing them to focus on more complex issues and enhancing overall efficiency.

    • 4.Data Analysis:

      Customized reports and analytics tools enable multi-dimensional analysis of both human and chatbot interactions. This data-driven approach provides valuable insights for continuous improvement and optimization of customer service processes.

  • Achievements

    The implementation of Udesk's comprehensive solutions has yielded significant outcomes for Hilton Hotels and Resorts:

    • 1.Multilingual Online Consultation:

      Successful integration with the LINE channel now provides multilingual support for users seeking information. Effectively addressing language differences has enhanced the internationalization of user services.

    • 2.Optimized Overseas Site:

      Deployment of nodes overseas has successfully mitigated latency issues for international users accessing the domestic site. This optimization not only improved website loading speeds but also significantly enhanced the overall experience for customers abroad.

    • 3.Effective Use of Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot:

      The introduction of an intelligent chatbot has successfully alleviated the workload on human customer service, particularly in handling repetitive and common queries. Customers can now obtain quick and accurate service through the chatbot, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

    • 4.Data-Driven Decision-Making:

      Utilizing Udesk's data analysis tools, Hilton can perform multi-dimensional analysis of both human and chatbot interaction data. This data-driven approach provides in-depth insights, aiding continuous optimization and improvement of customer service processes.

    • Collectively, these outcomes have created a more efficient, streamlined, and intelligent customer service experience for Hilton Hotels and Resorts, reinforcing its leading position in the global hospitality industry.


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