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  • Background

    China Customs is a customs authority at the bureau (department) level under the General Administration of Customs. It oversees various customs management tasks in Beijing, including taxation, supervision, anti-smuggling, immigration inspection and quarantine, and statistics within its jurisdiction. Currently, multiple access platforms are not integrated, leading to customer service agents having to work across different systems. The lack of multidimensional data statistics has resulted in unimproved management efficiency.

    Challenges with the current China Customs system include:

    • 1.Lack of Integration:

      Various access platforms are not consolidated, requiring customer service to navigate and work across multiple systems.

    • 2.Cross-System Operations:

      Customer service agents face challenges in managing tasks that span different systems.

    • 3.Absence of Multidimensional Data Statistics:

      The current system lacks the capability for comprehensive data analysis across multiple dimensions, hindering the enhancement of management efficiency.

  • Solution

    • 1.Multichannel Customer Service:

      Leveraging the Udesk multichannel customer service system, it provides 24/7 online consultation services and automated responses to meet the diverse needs of users across various channels.

    • 2.Intelligent Quality Inspection:

      Introducing intelligent quality inspection and out-of-office hours call answering functionality. Based on predefined criteria, it intelligently responds to relevant call traffic, enhancing service quality during non-working hours.

    • 3.Data Analysis:

      Swiftly generating service analysis data reports and unifying the analysis of multichannel service data. This provides robust decision-making data references, empowering management to make more accurate strategic decisions and adjust operational policies.

  • Achievements

    Integration of platforms led to streamlined customer service, reducing response times and enhancing user experience.

    • 1.Improved Management Efficiency:

      Multidimensional data statistics improved decision-making, enhancing efficiency in customs operations.

    • 2.Unified Service Platform:

      A unified multichannel platform ensures prompt and consistent customer service across regions.

    • 3.24/7 Intelligent Support:

      Udesk's system provides 24/7 online consultation and automated responses, boosting customer satisfaction.

    • 4.Smart Quality Inspection:

      Intelligent quality inspection and after-hours support ensure accurate responses even during non-working hours.

    • 5.Data-Driven Decisions:

      Rapid generation of data reports empowers management with valuable insights, contributing to more strategic decisions.

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