Provides Capital Metro With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    The Beijing Rail Transit Network Passenger Service Hotline 96123 is the service hotline for the Beijing subway. It was launched for trial operation on March 31, 2021, covering services related to operations, ticketing, and station-related information inquiries across the entire urban rail transit network in Beijing. This includes routine inquiries such as route information, fare queries, and other daily questions related to using the subway.

    Challenges with the current Capital Metro system include:

    • 1.High daily inquiry volume, with a need for improved efficiency in manual ticket handling and workflow.

    • 2.Challenges in voice recognition due to environmental noise, background noise, and similarity in names of high subway stations. Additionally, challenges arise from the coexistence of numbers and Chinese characters.

    • 3.Diverse accents from people across the country, posing difficulties for voice recognition.

    • 4.High variability in user expressions, making it challenging for semantic recognition of route information.

  • Solution

    • Customized implementation of the GaussMind "Original Mind Engine" for comprehensive recognition and understanding, rapidly and efficiently creating the 96123 intelligent Voicebot.

    • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system "listens" to what users say, accurately recognizing accents from diverse regions.

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) system "understands" the meaning of user statements, accurately comprehending departure and destination information.

    • Integration with business systems to quickly provide users with query results, making Beijing subway travel inquiries more intelligent and convenient.

  • Achievements

    The 96123 service hotline, supported by Udesk's AI, has successfully launched and is in trial operation across the entire Beijing subway system. Since its inception, the accuracy of the 96123 service hotline robot's voice customer service has exceeded 90%, addressing user inquiries about travel routes and fare queries. This significantly reduces the pressure on human customer service, achieving a dual improvement in management efficiency and effectiveness. The success of the system has gained high recognition from the operating company, Beijing Ruyixin Technology Co., Ltd., making it a typical case of AI application in China's transportation sector.

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