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  • Background

    China Everbright Bank, established in August 1992 and headquartered in Beijing, operates nationwide with a presence in 149 economic centers. Ranked 39th in the 2018 "Global 1000 Banks," the bank identified the need for improved operational efficiency and customer service. With over 3000 customer managers, Everbright Bank aimed to streamline operations through a unified customer management platform. Additionally, they sought an AI-driven service system to handle business inquiries and repetitive tasks efficiently, reducing labor costs. AI implementation in outbound marketing was desired to automate product recommendations to targeted customers identified by the PCRM system.

  • Solution

    • 1.Unified Customer Management Platform:

      Streamlining operations for 3000+ customer managers, the platform facilitated efficient customer management.

    • 2.AI-Driven Service System:

      The introduction of an AI-driven service system enhanced service efficiency, accelerating the resolution of inquiries and repetitive tasks.

    • 3.AI-Enhanced Outbound Marketing:

      Utilizing AI in outbound marketing automated product recommendations to targeted customers, optimizing marketing effectiveness.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Improved Operational Efficiency:

      The unified customer management platform significantly improved overall operational efficiency for Everbright Bank.

    • 2.Enhanced Service Efficiency and Cost Reduction:

      The AI-driven service system led to faster resolution of tasks, improving service efficiency while reducing labor costs.

    • 3.Optimized Outbound Marketing:

      AI-enhanced outbound marketing automated product recommendations, enhancing the effectiveness of targeted customer engagement.

    • The successful deployment of these solutions showcases Everbright Bank's commitment to operational excellence and customer-centric service.

  • CEBBank

  • BeiJing, China

  • Finance

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