Provides MEIYA Airlines With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    MEIYA Airlines, affiliated with MEIYA Group, is a major B2B international air ticket distribution platform in China. With 24 years of experience in ticketing services, MEIYA helps customers easily access accurate air ticket products through flexible payment methods and a low-cost, user-friendly, and efficient application model.

    With Udesk's Call Center, MEIYA has established a nationwide 24/7 1-on-1 dedicated customer service contact center to offer professional international air ticket travel solutions for customers and partners.

  • Solution

    • 1. Intelligent call routing

      With intelligent call routing, inquiries are automatically directed to the right agents depending on their skills, channel, availability, or all three. Udesk's implement automatic call distribution (ACD) with skills-based and intelligent routing to ensure every customer receives the right support.

    • 2. Omnichannel agent desktop

      An omnichannel agent desktop is an interface that provides a complete view of a customer's history and interactions across all communication channels. It gives agents the context needed to provide the best possible customer experience.

    • 3. Self-service options

      IVR systems, knowledge bases, community forums, AI chatbots, and other automation tools help customers help themselves. When customers can solve basic problems on their own, agents and managers can focus on helping other callers with more complex or urgent needs.

  • Achievements

    • 1. Personalized Service Experience Enhancement

      Udesk's Call Center has fully integrated MEIYA's official website, APP, H5, and other customer service channels. The multi-functional call center workbench fully displays customer service data, enhancing the personalized service experience.

    • 2. Customer Satisfaction Improvement

      Udesk's call center has IVR navigation, incoming call pop-up, recording, and other functions, making telephone service professional and efficient, effectively improving customer satisfaction.


  • Sanya, China

  • Travel and Hospitality

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