Provides Ppdai With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    Ppdai, established in June 2007, is headquartered in Shanghai, the international financial center. It is a fintech company. Ppdai’s lending platform has achieved a high level of automation in the loan process, providing users with convenient and fast borrowing services. In 2017, Ppdai successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. In 2019, Ppdai Indonesia replaced its original overseas customer service system. Due to language barriers between the original system and the headquarters’ development team, Ppdai hoped to adopt a domestically developed customer service system with multilingual expansion capabilities to further enhance the overseas customer experience.

  • Solution

    • 1.Omnichannel Customer Service

      Integrate online chat, phone calls, email tickets, and other channels to connect with the Ppdai Indonesian version app.

    • 2.Call Center

      Integrate with local operators’ lines to meet requirements for low latency, high concurrency, and good stability.

    • 3.AI Chatbot

      High degree of customization, capable of supplementing or replacing human customer service.

    • 4.Multilingual System

      Support multilingual expansion and import local dialect language packs.

  • Achievements

    • 1.Improving Issue Resolution Rate

      An integrated omnichannel solution significantly enhances issue resolution efficiency.

    • 2.Ensuring Call Quality for Overseas Call Centers

      The cloud call center has strong integration capabilities, connecting with local operator lines to improve customer service quality and efficiency.

    • 3.Significant Effectiveness of Intelligent Reception by Chatbots

      Training the text chatbot effectively improves the recognition rate of minor languages, reducing the workload on human agents and increasing the inbound rate.

    • 4.Efficient and Timely Ticket Handling

      The customer service system directly connects customer post-sales emails to the after-sales channel, greatly improving ticket processing efficiency, with an average ticket processing time reduced by 50%.

  • Ppdai

  • Shanghai, China

  • Finance

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