Provides Renon Power With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    RenonPower is a leading global provider of professional solutions and products in lithium battery energy storage. The company is committed to providing advanced and cost-effective energy storage solutions, as well as safe, lightweight, and durable green energy products to customers worldwide.

    In 2023, RenonPower teamed up with Udesk to actively support cross-border, multi-channel user inquiries and fault queries using multilingual text robots. This initiative is designed to revolutionize intelligent energy storage services, achieve cost savings, enhance efficiency, and improve the customer service experience during global market expansion.

  • Solution

    • 1. Comprehensive scenario coverage

      Seamless integration of service scenarios with 24/7 standby text robots enables customers to access intelligent service at all times.

    • 2. Personalized Service

      Tailor services for different user groups and use advanced human-machine interaction to seamlessly "switch between human and machine at any time and place" to aid users.

    • 3. Excellent AI underlying capabilities

      Using Google's Bert model and advanced deep learning NLP algorithms to accurately identify users' needs, and implementing intelligent autonomous learning based on big data-driven reinforcement models.

    • 4. Visual Data Analysis

      Visual analysis of reports on robot health, employee behavior, and business orientation helps enterprises make data-driven operational decisions.

  • Achievements

    • 1. Substantial labor cost reduction

      Automated chatbots efficiently handle incoming customer inquiries, significantly decreasing manual reception workload, alleviating pressure on customer service, and cutting labor costs by 25%.

    • 2. Accumulation of enterprise knowledge

      Leveraging three knowledge models to gather knowledge resources, supporting human agents, reducing enterprise knowledge maintenance expenses, and serving as a knowledge repository for training customer service representatives.

    • 3. Tailored service for enhanced experience

      Delivering personalized services to customers across various business types, reducing resolution time for issues, and enhancing overall service satisfaction.

    • 4. Data-driven service optimization

      Employing chatbots to manage incoming traffic and conduct sentiment analysis, aiding RenonPower in enhancing service operations through data-driven insights.

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