Provides SONY With Fast And Convenient Services Center For Customer

  • Background

    Sony is the world's leader in the fields of audio-visual, electronic games, communication products and information technology, and the pioneer of the world's earliest portable digital products. Its brands include Xperia, Walkman, Sony Music, Columbia Pictures, PlayStation, Alpha, etc.Taking customer experience as the starting point, Sony hopes to provide a good customer consultation experience around pre-sales product consultation and respond to customer demands conveniently and quickly.

  • Solution

    • 1. AI chatbot

      Quickly solve a large number of repetitive problems, assist customers and dealers to quickly query product performance parameters, improve customer service satisfaction, and increase the overall order conversion rate.

    • 2. Live chat

      Access to multiple channels such as apps, mini-programs, and public accounts, a new pre-sales consultation portal, work orders to record consultation issues, and interactions with users through emails.

    • 3. Knowledge base

      IM and the robot knowledge base are connected in both directions, synchronized in real time, maintained in a unified manner, and connected to the internal database system. Knowledge is synchronized in both directions.

  • Achievements

    The intelligent knowledge base system and intelligent customer service system built by Udesk for Sony provide Sony users with a new human-computer interaction model. End users consult and issue instructions through front-end robots to complete the tasks.Consulting on relevant operational issues, querying product information, and optimizing online customer service capabilities and service quality. As of now, after the system is launched, the problem matching rate exceeds 80% and the problem resolution rate exceeds 70%, exceeding Sony's level of 64% on Taobao, ensuring the quality of customer service.

  • Sony

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Retail&eCommerce

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