Get Employee Monitoring Data

This interface is used to obtain employee monitoring data.

Request Method

GET /agent_monitor_infos

Request Parameters (Query String)

Parameter NameTypeRequiredDescriptionRestrictions
user_group_idIntegerNoCustomer service group ID
module_typeStringNoCustomer service system module

Detailed Parameter Description


If not passed, all employee information will be returned.


If not passed, all module statuses will be returned.

  • IM template status corresponds to im
  • Ticket acceptance status corresponds to ticket_receive
  • CC module status corresponds to call
  • Video module status corresponds to mpv

Return Data

Attribute NameTypeDescription
codeIntegerExecution result code, 1000 means success
dataArraySee below for details

Structure of data

Parameter NameTypeDescription
idIntegerEmployee ID
nick_nameStringEmployee nickname
avatarStringEmployee avatar link
dutyStringEmployee position
ticket_receive_statusBooleanTicket acceptance status
im_statusStringIM status
call_statusStringCall center status
mpv_statusStringVideo status

Status Meaning

  • online: Online
  • offline: Offline
  • busy: Busy
  • idle: Idle



curl https://demo.udesk.cn/open_api_v1/agent_monitor_infos?email=admin@udesk.cn&timestamp=1494474404&sign=6892f1b794071c260e1b1eac15df588fc919c9e86eb742affaa742ad6c03cb52&nonce=2d931510-d99f-494a-8c67-87feb05e1594&sign_version=v2
-H 'content-type: application/json' \


"code": 1000,
"data": [
"id": 1,
"nick_name": "agent1",
"avatar": "https://pro-cs.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/agent_header/e_1579165834536_ua464.jpeg",
"duty": null,
"ticket_receive_status": true,
"im_status": "busy",
"call_status": "offline",
"mpv_status": "idle"
"id": 2,
"nick_name": "agent2",
"avatar": null,
"duty": null,
"ticket_receive_status": true,
"im_status": "offline",
"call_status": "offline",
"mpv_status": "online"