Explanation of Call Trigger Push Functionality

Basic Usage

Select push action for call trigger Fill in predefined push content (in JSON format) For example:

  "code": "call test"

Description of Push Content

Push call-related information and predefined push content

Call-related information

Parameter NameDescriptionType
call_idCall ID (unique ID for a series of calls from the same customer)String
conversation_idConversation ID (ID of the current call)Int
nick_nameCustomer's nameString
customer_phoneCustomer's phone numberString
mobile_areaArea codeString
display_numberRelay numberString
workflowCall type (in: incoming, out_callback: dual call back, out_direct: direct dial out, out_auto: automatic dial out)String
from_agent_idSource (ID of the previous agent in advanced calls)Int
call_resultCall result (explained below)String
is_leave_messageWhether there is a message left (message in call recording)Boolean
total_timeCall duration (in seconds)Int
record_urlCall recording URLString
surveySatisfaction ratingString
outline_phone_numberOutbound phone numberString
agent_idAgent IDInt
customer_ring_atCustomer ring time (e.g., 2018-03-22 11:48:05 +0800)String
agent_ring_atAgent ring timeString
customer_answer_atCustomer answer timeString
agent_answer_atAgent answer timeString
customer_hangup_atCustomer hang-up timeString
agent_hangup_atAgent hang-up timeString
agent_emailAgent email accountString
categoryAdvanced call type (explained below)String
queue_statusQueue statusString
queue_timeQueue timeInt
dtmfDTMF keyString
device_infoDevice typeString
drop_sideCall drop sideString
defeat_causeOutbound call failure reasonString
multi_ring_countSequential ringsInt
relevent_agentRelevant agentCharacter array
ivr_timeIVR time (s)Int

Explanation of Call Results: "Customer Not Answered", "Customer Answered", "Line Busy", "Line Offline", "Agent Not Answered", "Agent Rejected", "Agent Answered", "Customer Hung Up", "Customer Hung Up Quickly", "Queue Timeout", "Abandon Queue", "No Queue Selected"

Explanation of Categories: "normal" => Normal Call; "transfer" => Transfer; "transfer_outline" => Transfer Outline; "consult" => Consultation; "consult_outline" => Consultation (Outline); "three_party" => Three-Party; "three_party_outline" => Three-Party (Outline); "listening" => Listening; "barge_in" => Leader Barge In; "substitute" => Leader Substitute

Predefined Content

Content set in advance by the trigger action

Push Content Example

  "agent_ring_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:00 +0800",
  "agent_answer_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:05 +0800",
  "agent_hangup_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:23 +0800",
  "customer_ring_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:05 +0800",
  "customer_answer_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:17 +0800",
  "customer_hangup_at":"2018-03-22 11:48:23 +0800",
  "timestamp":"2018-03-22 11:48:23 +0800",
  "nick_name":"Push Example",
  "call_result":"Customer Answered",
  "survey":"No need for evaluation",
  "extend": {
    "code": "call test"