Udesk Call Center Support

Udesk call center supports querying customer third-party interfaces at the beginning of a telephone call to obtain the unique token of that number in the third-party system, marking the user.

Basic Usage

Step 1: Configure the Pushed Fields

Log in to the Udesk customer service system administrator account. In the Management Center -> Call Center -> Other Settings -> Customer customer_token Query API, turn on the push switch and fill in the push address.

Step 2: Usage of Call Event Push

Set the query interface address, query the interface at the beginning of the call to obtain the customer_token, and update the customer's open_api_token.

Interface Development Specification

Third-party systems need to develop interfaces according to the following specifications

Request Method

The interface must support the POST method. When Udesk requests the interface, it will place the request parameters in JSON format in the request body. The Content-Type of the request is application/json;charset=utf8.

Request Address

User-defined, but the protocol must be HTTPS or HTTP (i.e., the interface address must start with http:// or http://), such as https://api.udesk.cn/callcenter

Request Parameter Description

The format of the request body is fixed as follows


Explanation of each parameter:

Parameter NameParameter MeaningParameter Type
timestampUNIX timestampInteger
numberCustomer's telephone numberString

Request Example

POST https://api.udesk.cn/callcenter

Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf8
Content-Length: 190

  "timestamp": 1501124998,
  "number": 18888888888

Response Format

The HTTP response returned by the interface should be in JSON format.

  customer_token: "xxxx-1234-5511"

Explanation of each parameter:

Parameter NameParameter MeaningParameter Type
customer_tokenCustomer's unique identifierString

Response Example

  customer_token: "xxxx-1234-5511"

Interface Development Precautions

  1. The interface response time must be less than 500ms.

  2. The interface return value customer_token must be the unique token of the customer.