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Udesk: The Best Alternative to LiveChat for Customer Support


Article Summary:While live chat platforms like LiveChat have been the dominant player for years, there is a compelling alternative that businesses should consider - Udesk.

In today's digital world, customers expect quick and convenient ways to get help from businesses when they need it. Live chat has become one of the most popular customer support channels, allowing customers to have real-time conversations with support agents directly on company websites. However, while live chat platforms like LiveChat have been the dominant player for years, there is a compelling alternative that businesses should consider - Udesk.

Udesk is a leading omnichannel customer support platform that provides live chat alongside other popular communication channels like messaging apps, social media, email and phone. Unlike LiveChat which focuses solely on live chat, Udesk offers a more well-rounded solution that allows businesses to engage customers wherever they are, on any device, through their preferred methods. This omnichannel approach is critical for delivering excellent customer experiences in today's fragmented digital landscape.

Beyond live chat capabilities, Udesk offers several advantages over LiveChat:

  • Superior agent productivity tools. Udesk equips agents with powerful tools like canned responses, macros and AI-powered suggestions to help them resolve issues faster. Agents can also easily switch between conversations without context switching. This improves agent efficiency significantly compared to LiveChat.
  • Richer customer profiles. Udesk automatically collects customer data across all touchpoints to build comprehensive profiles. This gives agents a single view of customer history, purchases, issues and preferences to deliver more personalized support. LiveChat lacks such unified customer profiles.
  • Advanced routing and workload management. Udesk uses AI to intelligently route requests to the most suitable agents based on skills, workload and customer priorities. Sophisticated tools are also provided to manage agent schedules, assignments and performance. LiveChat lacks such advanced routing capabilities.
  • Omnichannel messaging. Customers can message businesses through any popular channel like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber etc. LiveChat only supports web and mobile apps live chat. Udesk's omnichannel reach is critical for customer convenience.
  • Customizable dashboard and reports. Udesk's admin dashboard provides powerful tools to customize workflows, set KPIs, generate detailed reports and gain actionable insights. LiveChat offers only basic admin and reporting functions in comparison.
  • Integration with other apps. Udesk seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs, helpdesks, marketing and sales apps through open APIs. This allows businesses to unify support with other systems for end-to-end visibility and workflows. LiveChat has fewer out-of-the-box integrations.
    Competitive pricing. While LiveChat is more expensive for businesses with high volume needs, Udesk offers flexible pricing tiers and discounts for high agent counts. Its total cost of ownership also tends to be lower in the long run.

Udesk provides a more robust, scalable and cost-effective customer support platform than LiveChat with its omnichannel capabilities, advanced tools and integrations. For businesses seeking to optimize agent productivity, deliver unified customer experiences and gain actionable insights, Udesk is undoubtedly the best alternative to LiveChat on the market today. Its comprehensive feature-set makes it a top contender for digital-first companies to streamline support across all channels.

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