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Understanding the Voice of the Customer: 6 Key Methodologies


Article Summary:To retain existing customers and attract new ones, businesses must gain deep insights into customers’ needs, wants, and pain points.

In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding the voice of the customer (VoC) has become increasingly important. Customers have higher expectations and more options than ever before. To retain existing customers and attract new ones, businesses must gain deep insights into customers’ needs, wants, and pain points.

There are several popular methodologies companies use to capture the voice of the customer. While each has its strengths, combining multiple approaches provides the fullest picture.

The top 6 VoC methodologies are:

  1. Surveys Online or paper surveys are one of the most common VoC tools. Surveys allow businesses to efficiently gather standardized feedback from a large sample of customers. Key areas to inquire about include satisfaction levels, product or service attributes rated as most and least important, and suggestions for improvement.
  2. Focus Groups Focus groups bring together 6-10 customers in a moderated discussion. This qualitative approach allows businesses to dig deeper into why customers feel a certain way. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and perspectives in their own words. Focus groups provide rich insights but involve more resources to organize.
  3. Interviews One-on-one interviews, whether in-person or by phone, allow for an even more in-depth exchange. Interviewers can ask follow-up questions to gain full understanding of customer needs. Interviews are highly insightful but time-consuming to conduct at scale.
  4. Customer Advisory Boards Selecting a group of valued customers to serve as long-term advisors provides ongoing feedback and guidance. Advisory board members represent key customer segments and share perspectives on new products/services, marketing campaigns, and more at scheduled meetings.
  5. Social Media/Online Reviews Monitoring social media and review sites gives visibility into the unfiltered voice of customers. Businesses learn about real-world experiences and common pain points mentioned publicly. Sentiment analysis tools help quantify positive and negative feedback.
  6. Customer Service Interactions
    Frontline customer service staff interact directly with customers every day. Leveraging these interactions as a feedback channel, through recording calls, surveying customers after support experiences, and tracking frequently asked questions, gives businesses real-time VoC data.

The most comprehensive VoC programs incorporate multiple methods to gain a 360-degree understanding of customers. One platform that helps streamline the collection and analysis of VoC data from various sources is Udesk. As a leader in customer service solutions, Udesk provides AI-powered customer support alongside robust VoC capabilities. Businesses can capture feedback from every interaction and generate actionable insights to continuously improve the customer experience.

Take our VoC Tool for a spin—for free—to see how it can work for your business.


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