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The intelligent customer service system is a service model that uses computers to integrate with manual customer service via the Internet. It is an indispensable part of the modern customer service center system based on IT technology. So, what are the features of the intelligent customer service system? Features of the udesk intelligent customer service system:

All types of online customer service scenarios are completely interconnected

Whether it’s website online customer service, WeChat online customer service, Weibo private messages, or in-app communication within a company’s app, all are unified into one platform. Customer service staff do not need to switch between multiple communication platforms and systems, which enhances personnel efficiency.

Cross-platform identification of users, automatic retrieval of user information

The Udesk online customer service system can automatically identify users through cookies, and also through a high-quality single sign-on feature, it can identify users across screens and clients, and automatically retrieve user information from the enterprise, automatically reading user profiles, and providing personalized services for users.

Intelligent customer service robot, reducing labor costs

More than 80% of user questions are repetitive. The Udesk system has a built-in intelligent customer service robot that analyzes user semantics to automatically reply and solve user problems. Complex problems can be transferred to human services, significantly reducing labor costs.

Online customer service is automatically converted into work orders

Customer issues often cannot be resolved with just one online communication, so the content of online communication is automatically generated into work orders. Using automatic trigger processes, it can be automatically transferred to relevant departments for further processing according to enterprise procedures.

Intelligent statistical functions, improving management efficiency

All customer service fields can be counted, with unlimited customization of statistical reports, making various service issues clear at a glance, and enhancing management efficiency.

More than just online live chat

The Udesk intelligent customer service system not only provides online customer service functions but also offers more customer communication channels, including call centers, email, enterprise app integration, SMS integration, and other communication channels.

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