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Udesk has become one of the most noteworthy AIGC companies for CYZone 2023 with its “Original Heart” Large Model.


Article Summary:With its self-developed industry-specific large model "Original Heart" and its exploration and commercial application practices in the AIGC field, Udesk has become one of the most noteworthy AIGC companies for CYZone 2023.


On August 30th, at the "2023 AIGC Technology Application Conference" held in Shenzhen, China, CYZone released the list of "2023 AIGC Companies Worth Paying Attention To". Udesk was successfully selected for the list due to its self-developed industry-specific large model "Original Heart" and its exploration and commercial application practices in the AIGC field.


CYZone is a leading international service platform for entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in China, providing comprehensive media information, digital exhibitions, data research, innovation consulting, education and training, and capital docking services for high-growth enterprises, financial institutions, industrial parks, and local governments.


In 2023, the phenomenon of ChatGPT's skyrocketing popularity marked a new stage in the application of artificial intelligence technology. AIGC has opened the door to cognitive intelligence for human society, and many Chinese technology companies have followed suit, launching multiple large models and expanding into various practical scenarios. The new business forms spawned by these large models have unleashed boundless imagination.


In order to deeply understand the technological innovation and industrial development trends of AIGC, and to evaluate the current development status of the industry, CYZone has launched the "2023 Most Worthwhile AIGC Companies" list, covering three levels: basic, model, and application. The scenarios involve various fields such as marketing, customer service, office, entertainment, finance, gaming, industry, and healthcare, jointly exploring multiple possibilities for industry applications. With its self-developed industry-specific large model "Original Heart" and its exploration and commercial application practices in the AIGC field, Udesk has successfully made it onto the list.


01 On the model level

Udesk, as a provider of AI and marketing service solutions in China, has been early in the layout of the AIGC field.


In April of this year, Udesk released the industry large model, Original Heart Large Model, which is aimed at enterprise marketing services. Unlike the general large model focusing on the breadth of knowledge corpus, learning reasoning ability, general multitasking ability, and integration of multimodal data, the industry large model focuses on industry or enterprise-specific professional knowledge, problem-solving ability, and landing capability.


In the first step, Udesk absorbed the capabilities of the general large model to solve general problems. In the second step, Udesk has been engaged in marketing and service for more than 8 years, accumulating a large amount of industry knowledge, and conducted industry-specific knowledge training based on the large model, turning the general large model into an industry expert to solve complex scenarios of industry know-how. In the third step, if an enterprise has further demands, Udesk can also build an exclusive knowledge base for the enterprise, thus establishing a large model that possesses both industry knowledge and enterprise characteristics.


Currently, the Original Heart Large Model has achieved comprehensive upgrades for Udesk's four major product lines: Udesk, GaussMind, ServiceGo, and Weifeng. The basic capabilities, communication capabilities, analytical capabilities, and management capabilities of enterprise applications have been greatly improved.


02 On the application level

Udesk has released the "General Large Model + Industry Large Model + Enterprise Exclusive Knowledge Base" large model solution, enabling new technology to be implemented and upgraded in various scenarios such as customer service, enterprise marketing, and internal management. Through label operation management, automatic document generation, automated knowledge extraction, intelligent expansion of similar questions, automatic data correlation, automatic knowledge collection, unified knowledge management, real-time reading comprehension, intelligent conversation summarization, and other functions, it helps enterprises to upgrade intelligently.

1. Outstanding reading comprehension improves the matching rate of 90% of the problems:

The text-based robot customer service supported by the large model can generate answers based on PDF, Word documents, and text information, without the need for deep operation by knowledge managers, thus improving the matching rate by 90%.

2. Content generation capability reduces operation costs by 80%:

In the scenario of similar question recommendation for customer service, the text-based robot can use the industry knowledge assets accumulated by the Original Heart Large Model over 8 years to automatically generate similar questions, expand user queries, cover more common questions, and reduce operation costs by approximately 80%.

3. Large model knowledge extraction reduces operation time by 80%:

Sorting out FAQs is a key point in the knowledge cold start phase. In the past, customer service personnel manually extracted FAQs from original documents, and the original data was often messy and time-consuming to sort out. The Original Heart Large Model can automatically extract FAQs from documents, saving 80% of customer service operation time.

4. Capability to summarize and refine dry goods liberates human hands:

In a customer service scenario, when a chatbot transfers to a human agent, there's a lot of chat information involved. This function relies on the Original Heart Large model to summarize this information. The human agent only needs to view the summarized information, making the chat process between the bot and the customer clear at a glance. This significantly enhances customer service efficiency, avoiding user waiting times and repetitive questioning. In a ticketing scenario, this function can summarize conversation records and directly input key information into the ticket, saving time for human agents to create tickets and improving ticket processing efficiency.


This time, being selected for the authoritative media's rankings, demonstrates that Udesk's AI technology capabilities and market performance have received unanimous recognition from both inside and outside the industry.

In the future, Udesk will continue to increase its investment in the research and development of large models, empower global enterprise marketing services by providing more intelligent software products and solutions, and make enterprise services more intelligent and efficient.


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