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Udesk was selected for the “2023 China AIGC Innovative Enterprise Series” four major lists


Article Summary:Udesk was selected for the "2023 China AIGC Innovative Enterprise Series" four major lists!

Recently, the highly anticipated "2023 China AIGC Innovation Enterprise List" was officially released. This list, jointly published by The First New Voice and Tianyancha, includes comprehensive lists, segmented industry lists, and case lists, totaling seven major lists. It covers various aspects of the AIGC industry development, industry landscape, and application trends, providing a comprehensive analysis of the current development of the domestic AIGC industry.



Udesk's Original Heart Large Model stood out among many outstanding enterprises due to its outstanding technological innovation and market performance. It ranked in the top 30 of the AIGC Innovation Enterprise Comprehensive List, AIGC Vertical Big Model Innovation Enterprise List, AIGC Application Scenario Innovation Enterprise List, and the Best Service Provider Benchmark Case List. This selection once again proves the significant influence and outstanding contribution of Udesk's original Heart Large Model in the field of artificial intelligence!


The list comprehensively acknowledges the AIGC capabilities of Udesk in terms of comprehensive, model, application, and case recognition.


"Model Layer"

The outstanding performance of general large models in basic capabilities is widely recognized, and customizing training on the shoulders of general large models has become a shortcut for the practical application of large models. The original Heart Large Model, as a vertical large model, has gained market recognition for its better landing and deployment applications.


Udesk's original Heart Large Model has been around for half a year. During this time, it has won numerous awards, whether it's the 2023 Most Notable AIGC Companies List by CYZone or the 2023 Typical Cases of Artificial Intelligence Integration and Security Applications. Both the company and the cases have acknowledged the capabilities of Udesk's Original Heart Large Model. The original Heart Large Model of Udesk adopts various training modes such as incremental fine-tuning, corpus training mode, and scientifically and user-friendly training methods, integrating years of industry knowledge accumulation to transform general large models into industry experts, continuously expanding application scenarios for enterprises.


"Application Layer"

The model itself does not directly generate value; the value of the model lies in the applications developed based on it.


This is also the purpose of Udesk's development of large models. Based on the Original Heart Large Model, Udesk has intelligently upgraded its four major product lines and more than a dozen products.


For example, the Weifeng system has added functions such as marketing copy generation, enterprise Q&A, and summary functions for work order conversations, while the robot has added functions such as language refinement, business record extraction, similar question generalization, and reading comprehension. The ticketing system has added functions such as field extraction and work order reply refinement, and the intelligent coaching system has added functions such as conversation AI generation and algorithm platform extraction. For more features, you can click to review previous issues.


"Case Layer"

Data shows that leading Chinese industries and major users are highly concerned about the innovation of large models and the new technological paradigms it brings, which has already begun to drive domestic companies to accelerate their actions.


Udesk shares this sentiment deeply. Customer service conversations and enterprise knowledge bases are among the best scenarios for the practical application of large models. Udesk's large models have already helped multiple large enterprises achieve the practical application of large model scenarios, bringing efficient improvements to enterprises.


As a global cross-border e-commerce supply chain comprehensive service provider, 4PX EXPRESS has helped internal enterprise intelligent upgrades and efficiently improved internal service efficiency by purchasing Udesk's large model knowledge base system.


In the future, Udesk will continue to iterate and upgrade its product lines based on large models, rapidly expanding the depth and breadth of artificial intelligence applications, and achieving intelligent upgrades for more scenarios in more enterprises!

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