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Using WhatsApp for business messaging? Best practices are provided below.


Article Summary:Using WhatsApp for business messaging? Best practices are provided below:

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide, with over 2 billion active users sending 65 billion messages daily. Given its massive user base and ubiquitous presence on smartphones, WhatsApp presents a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with customers through convenient and personal messaging. While WhatsApp was originally designed for personal communication, with some adjustments businesses can leverage it as an effective customer service and marketing tool.

Set up an official WhatsApp business profile

This allows customers to easily identify a business and provides some basic information like store hours, location and website. The business profile displays a customizable business photo and description. It is important for the profile to be professionally designed to match the company's branding and convey the right image. Contact information should also be clearly displayed so customers know how to reach out for any queries.

Add a WhatsApp button

Once the business profile is set up, companies need to educate customers about using WhatsApp to contact the business. They can promote the WhatsApp number on their website, social media pages, emails and traditional advertising. Customers appreciate the convenience of reaching businesses through a direct messaging platform they are already familiar with. Businesses should respond to messages promptly to provide a good customer experience. It is recommended to have more than one person monitoring WhatsApp during business hours to avoid delays in responses.

Send customer updates

WhatsApp also enables businesses to send broadcast messages to update customers. Announcements about new products, offers, store closures etc. can be shared with those who have opted into receiving messages from the business. However, it is important not to spam customers and only send relevant updates they would appreciate. Businesses must respect customer privacy and preferences when it comes to communication on WhatsApp. Automated messages should be avoided as customers value personal interactions.

Utilize WhatsApp features to accomplish business goals

Advanced features like labels, quick replies and away messages help businesses organize conversations and provide timely updates on availability. Businesses selling products can share catalogs and price lists on WhatsApp to make it easy for customers to browse, select items and place orders directly within the chat interface. Payments integration is also being tested which will allow processing financial transactions securely through WhatsApp in the future.

WhatsApp business offers an engaging and personal way for companies to support customers, market offerings and build loyalty - if done respectfully and in a customer-centric manner. With some strategic use of features and responsible communication practices, businesses can reap the benefits of WhatsApp's massive reach to improve customer service experiences.

Enhancing Customer Experience with WhatsApp

With over 1.5 billion active users globally, WhatsApp represents a major opportunity to strengthen customer relationships through more engaging service on a popular messaging channel. With Udesk, you can use WhatsApp instantly or fully customize it to your needs.

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