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What is Ticketing System? What is a Good Ticketing System?


Article Summary:What exactly is a ticket? What are the values of a ticketing system? And what kind of ticketing system is worth choosing? In this article, we aim to help you understand these aspects.

In customer service scenarios, businesses create tickets for customer inquiries and feedback and manage them through a ticketing system, significantly improving the efficiency of customer support. So, what exactly is a ticket? What are the values of a ticketing system? And what kind of ticketing system is worth choosing? In this article, we aim to help you understand these aspects.

What is a Ticket?

Definition of a Ticket

In the context of customer service, tickets describe and document the issues encountered by customers while using a product or service, enabling businesses to follow up and resolve them.

Difference between Tickets and Issues

Customer issues arise during the communication between a business and its customers, involving complaints or feedback about products or services. Tickets, on the other hand, typically contain more detailed descriptions of customer issues. Businesses assign responsible individuals to tickets with the aim of resolving customer issues, demonstrating a commitment to addressing them effectively. Compared to customer issues, tickets are more formal and represent the business's determination to resolve customer problems.

OA System vs. Ticketing System

An OA (Office Automation) system is a comprehensive information management system with a wide range of functionalities, including document management, collaborative office work, workflow management, and attendance management, etc. The primary objective of an OA system is to enhance office efficiency and facilitate information sharing, aiding businesses in achieving comprehensive office automation. It is typically used by employees across various departments and functions within an organization, catering to a broad user base.

A ticketing system, on the other hand, is a specialized system designed for ticket handling and tracking, focusing primarily on the creation, assignment, tracking, and processing of tickets. The main purpose of a ticketing system is to improve the efficiency and quality of ticket processing, achieving automated ticket handling. It primarily targets ticket handlers and management personnel and is suitable for departments and teams that need to handle a large volume of tickets.

How to Choose a Good Ticketing System

When selecting a ticketing system, it is important to focus on three main aspects: ticket management, ticket assignment, and ticket tracking.

Ticket Management

Robust ticket management is the foundation of effective collaboration. In addition to capturing basic information, a good ticketing system should have a classification feature. This facilitates problem categorization and centralized management. Setting ticket priorities is also a valuable way to improve efficiency. It allows businesses to allocate resources to address high-priority urgent issues, thus enhancing resolution times. Furthermore, ticket management should include support for ticket status and tracking, ensuring that tickets are not overlooked and addressing information disparities.

Ticket Assignment

Ticket assignment is a crucial process that occurs after ticket creation. The core of a ticketing system lies in enhancing the efficiency of collaboration among different departments within a business to resolve issues. Therefore, efficiently assigning tickets to the responsible department is essential. Typically, ticket assignment methods can be divided into two categories. First is manual assignment, where the ticket creator directly assigns it to the person in charge of the issue, or assigns all created tickets to a designated individual who then distributes them accordingly. Second is automatic assignment based on rules pre-set by managers. After a ticket is created by a requester, the system automatically assigns it based on predefined criteria such as type or keywords.

The method of ticket assignment directly impacts whether tickets can be promptly and accurately transferred to the responsible department/team, thus directly affecting ticket resolution efficiency.

Ticket Tracking

Ticket tracking involves monitoring the real-time progress of ticket resolution. In addition to statuses like resolved, in progress, or awaiting assignment, it also includes details such as which department the ticket has been routed to and the actions taken by each department. This seemingly inconspicuous feature can save significant time and communication costs in actual business operations. By connecting everyone through the network, it facilitates communication and troubleshooting of issues.

Choose Udesk Ticketing System

In addition to meeting the functionalities mentioned above, the Udesk Ticketing System offers additional features to ensure a seamless user experience for both enterprise members and customers.

  • Customizable Tickets

The Udesk Ticketing system supports dozens of field types to meet various field requirements.

  • Ticket Automation

Enterprises can set up automated tasks to facilitate the automatic routing and processing of tickets.

  • Comprehensive Product Integration

The Udesk Ticketing system seamlessly integrates with online customer service, Call Center, AI Chatbots, and other products, enabling the deep application of intelligent services across all scenarios.

The Udesk Ticketing System facilitates automatic workflow and allocation according to enterprise needs, ensuring precise and efficient operations. Each ticket not only contains rich business information but also integrates data from various dimensions such as customers, companies, and business aspects, providing comprehensive and readily accessible information. Moreover, it enables flexible and efficient inter-departmental collaboration, with tickets intelligently flowing and problems being resolved more effectively.

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