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8 Signs your business needs a call center


Article Summary:Are you wondering if you need a call center? Here are some signs that your business should incorporate call center software into your customer service strategy.

Are you wondering if you need a call center? Here are some signs that your business should incorporate call center software into your customer service strategy.

01 Customer service signs and labels are needed

If you find yourself in need of signs and labels to clearly communicate your customer service policies and procedures, it's a sign your current customer support may be disorganized. A call center allows you to streamline your processes and ensure consistent messaging.

02 Calls are being handled on Pinterest

Seeing call center inspiration photos on Pinterest instead of your phone system is a red flag. A professional call center provides your agents with the tools and training needed to best serve customers.

03 Key metrics are off

Long average handle times of over six minutes or unsatisfactory customer satisfaction scores indicate inefficient processes that a call center can help improve. Outsourcing to experts allows your agents to focus solely on serving customers instead of also handling administrative tasks.

04 High-stake questions are being asked

Research shows that consumers want the option to call customer support for high-stakes issues. For example, if your credit card is stolen, you’ll likely want to call the bank directly rather than reading through a self-service article or chatting with a bot.

A call center can address these high-stake questions and allow customers to get the help they need with urgent matters.

05 Customers are waiting for answers

You may need additional assistance from a call center if your customers are often left hanging. When it comes to customer support, every second counts. If you’re not getting back to customers promptly, you run the risk of frustrating and losing them.

Operating a business takes a lot of work, so consider hiring outside help to handle your calls.

06 After-hours calls are going to voicemail

If there are a lot of calls going to voicemail, it may be time to invest in a call center. A team of customer service representatives can catch more calls in real time so you can avoid a backlog of voicemails.

This will also boost customer satisfaction because your team will be able to address requests more promptly.

07 Call duration has increased

If call durations are climbing, you may need a call center. If you have a large volume of calls that takes your current team a long time to field, then you may be missing out on other calls that are coming through and need attention.

With a call center, you’ll have more resources to answer more calls and resolve issues faster so you can tend to other business needs.

08 Customer service needs to be improved

If you’ve received feedback that indicates you need to improve your customer service, then a call center may be your solution. It can help you deliver better customer service by providing prompt responses, offering omnichannel communication, and following up on customer requests.

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