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Dyson x Udesk: Video customer service creates a “face-to-face” warm experience


Article Summary:With the Udesk video customer service system, Dyson’s after-sales period has been reduced from 7 days to 7 minutes, and the customer service experience has become warmer!

A video has been circulating on the internet recently, featuring a scene like this:

“Hello, Dyson video engineer at your service, how can I help you?”

“My vacuum cleaner at home is broken, the sound is off, what should I do?”

Later, the Dyson engineer found out it was a clogged filter causing the issue, and in less than a minute, quickly helped the old man identify and fix the problem.

The old man in front of the screen exclaimed, “It’s that simple!”

In fact, many people often encounter this kind of problem in their daily lives. Sometimes, when the appliances or something else at home break down, they can’t figure out the reason no matter what they do. Contacting the product’s after-sales service, waiting for the technician to come or sending the product for repair often takes a long time, causing delays for several days. When the technician comes to repair, they find that it’s just a small problem, but because “everyone has their own expertise”, we amateurs don’t understand. With Dyson’s “video engineer service”, these problems can be solved very well.

For consumers, the problem is quickly resolved and the customer experience is improved; for the company, it saves after-sales manpower costs, reduces resource waste, and is also a good way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

01 The original centralized repair method had long cycles and poor user experience.

It is reported that before this, Dyson’s after-sales service in mainland China mainly used a centralized (Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen) repair method, which had many pain points: on one hand, the after-sales cycle was long, taking about 7 days from sending the product to receiving it back, affecting the customer’s user experience. On the other hand, a considerable proportion of the machines sent for repair did not have substantial malfunctions, but rather resulted from improper operation by consumers or inadequate maintenance. These issues led to a poor after-sales experience for consumers, and the logistics costs of round-trip repairs also added extra costs to the after-sales maintenance process.

02 Udesk’s video customer service is a perfect match for Dyson

In response to the problems with the original repair method, Dyson needed to update its customer service reception method and decided to try video reception, remotely troubleshooting faults, providing usage guidance, and reducing unnecessary machine repairs. This would not only improve the consumer’s after-sales experience but also reduce the company’s after-sales costs.

Udesk’s video customer service solution perfectly met Dyson’s needs. Based on this, Udesk created the “video engineer service project” for Dyson, focusing on three main aspects:

№1 Streamlining the after-sales process:

Udesk first streamlined Dyson’s after-sales business process. User after-sales inquiries are initially handled by front-line customer service personnel, who screen the problems. When the customer service personnel determine that an engineer’s intervention is needed, the engineer connects with the user via video to help troubleshoot the issue and guide the user in solving the problem.

№2 Streamlining the video engineer’s work process:

Focusing on the video service scenario, the work process of the video engineer was streamlined. This includes fault diagnosis and evidence collection, guidance and demonstration to help users troubleshoot problems, and consultation services such as maintenance methods and product recommendations.

№3 Flexible system integration:

Regarding the integration of the video customer service system with Dyson’s business system, Udesk provides secure and reliable SaaS cloud services, as well as flexible and controllable API interfaces. Dyson’s business system can independently call Udesk’s API interfaces to real-time synchronize customer service data and obtain video links, enabling user access through different channels.

03 The after-sales cycle has been shortened from 7 days to 7 minutes

The video engineer service has truly helped Dyson optimize and upgrade its after-sales service. In terms of its effects, it can be summarized as “1 experience upgrade, 2 cost reductions.”

“1 experience upgrade” refers to the improvement in user experience. Video services can surpass the dimensions of text and voice, improving communication efficiency and leaving customers with a warm, “face-to-face” service experience. Moreover, the video engineer service is based on the WeChat environment, accessed through mini-programs, making it very flexible and convenient.

The “2 cost reductions” refer to the reduction of after-sales service costs and system integration costs. On the one hand, after accessing the Udesk video customer service solution, some repair orders that did not involve substantial faults can be quickly resolved through video service, reducing costs. According to statistics, this type of repair order accounts for 50% to 60%, and the offline manpower costs and repair logistics expenses involved can be saved.

On the other hand, the Udesk video customer service solution provides secure and reliable cloud services as well as flexible and controllable APIs. Clients use enterprise-level mini programs, only needing to apply for third-party authorization to reuse Udesk’s self-developed video call components. Business systems can also call Udesk’s provided API interface on their own, avoiding cumbersome integration and implementation costs.

Now, Dyson’s video engineering service has been put into use, making consumers exclaim “excellent.” Dyson’s Greater China customer service director commented, “With the Udesk video customer service system, Dyson’s after-sales period has been reduced from 7 days to 7 minutes, and the customer service experience has become warmer!”

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