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“Smart Customer Service + Healthcare” is Coming


Article Summary:The healthcare industry's demand is skyrocketing, underscoring the importance of "smart customer service + healthcare" in enhancing the efficiency and convenience of public medical services.

Smart Customer Service + Healthcare is Coming

With the continuous increase in the elderly population and the expanding group of sub-healthy individuals, the demand for the healthcare industry continues to soar. In recent years, as the world transitions into the post-pandemic era, the healthcare sector has become a focal point, facing unprecedented challenges:

  • Unequal Resource Allocation: Globally, high-quality medical resources tend to concentrate in large cities and developed areas, resulting in a scarcity of resources in remote regions and grassroots medical institutions.
  • Growing Patient Demand: With the exacerbation of population aging and the increase in chronic disease patients, the demand for medical services has significantly surged.
  • Information Asymmetry: Patients often struggle to access accurate and timely medical information, especially in health management and disease prevention.
  • Cost Control: The high cost of medical care is a widespread issue globally. High operating costs of medical institutions result in patients having to bear doubly high service fees.
  • Privacy and Security: Medical information requires extremely high levels of sensitivity and confidentiality.
  • Responding to Public Health Emergencies: As demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic, when facing large-scale public health crises, medical institutions need to address a massive influx of inquiries and information demands. Their ability to combat risks is weak, making it difficult to provide relevant guidance.

In the post-pandemic era, several questions arise regarding the healthcare industry:

  1. When there is a shortage of doctors, how can improve efficiency to serve more patients?
  2. With diverse demands for consultations, how can quickly meet different needs?

These circumstances imply the inevitability of "smart customer service + healthcare": enhancing medical service efficiency and optimizing the allocation of medical resources are urgent tasks. Internet medical intelligent customer service platforms, leveraging the wave of mobile internet technology, promote the efficiency and convenience of public medical services.

Building Udesk's Intelligent Customer Service Platform for the Healthcare Industry

As a leading full-scenario intelligent customer service platform, Udesk has been assisting an increasing number of healthcare enterprises in establishing their own customer service systems, and the industry solutions in the medical field have been systematically developed and standardized. Starting from venturing into the traditional medical field, Udesk has leveraged years of experience in the industry and successfully transformed into a provider of "intelligent system + medical industry". Coupled with continuously developing new opportunities in the industry, Udesk holds an absolute advantage in market.

Functions Provided by Udesk


Supports traditional phone access as well as various channels such as WeChat, official websites, and apps, making it convenient for customers to provide feedback through different channels.

Call Center:

Enables the diversion of patient inquiries, effectively guiding users and reducing customer wait times. When receiving calls, basic customer information is displayed on-screen, along with all service records, thus enabling better service provision to patients.

Intelligent outbound calls:

Intelligently reminds patients of medication times to help them take medication on time. Provides medication repurchase reminders for patients to timely replenish medications. Offers treatment course medication reminders to ensure patients adhere to medication therapy protocols.

Knowledge base:

Detailed classification of diseases, departments, symptoms, etc., providing rich professional knowledge. Provides a well-structured knowledge base, allowing users to quickly find the information they need to better understand and address issues.

Digital Transformation is Continuously Enriching Intelligent Customer Service Scenarios

Online consultation service:

Through AI technology, intelligent customer service can provide preliminary medical consultations 24/7, helping patients quickly assess their conditions and alleviate the pressure on offline medical institutions. This system can parse patient symptom descriptions using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, providing preliminary diagnostic advice and timely health guidance to patients.

Appointment scheduling and guidance:

Intelligent customer service systems can automatically recommend suitable departments and doctors based on patients' symptoms and needs, and provide appointment scheduling services to optimize the treatment process and reduce patient waiting times. This system can improve the efficiency of medical resource utilization, enabling patients to access medical services more conveniently.

Health education and management:

Intelligent customer service systems can provide personalized health advice based on patients' health records and individual characteristics, including vaccine reminders, disease prevention knowledge, etc., helping users better manage their health. This system can enhance public health awareness, prevent disease occurrence, and transmission.

Emotional support and psychological counseling:

Using natural language processing technology, intelligent customer service can also provide emotional communication and psychological support services, especially for patients, offering relief from psychological pressure, especially during pandemics. This system can understand the emotional state of patients through conversations and provide corresponding psychological counseling and advice to help them cope with stress and anxiety.

Remote medical services:

With the popularity of 5G technology and the promotion of remote medical policies, intelligent customer service systems will become an essential part of remote medical services, providing patients with remote consultations, remote monitoring, and other services, optimizing the allocation of medical resources.

Future Trends of Intelligent Customer Service Systems in Healthcare

  • Intelligent Diagnostic Assistance: In the future, intelligent customer service systems may integrate medical image analysis, biosensing technologies, and more to provide more accurate diagnostic assistance, helping doctors to quickly detect lesions and diseases.
  • Personalized Services: Future intelligent customer service systems will place more emphasis on personalized services. They will utilize patient health records, genetic information, lifestyle habits, and other data to offer customized health consultations, prevention advice, and treatment plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of patients.
  • Data Security and Privacy Protection: Intelligent customer service systems will continuously strengthen mechanisms for securing patient data and protecting privacy. This includes implementing stricter measures such as data encryption and access controls to ensure the security and privacy of patient data.

Udesk's intelligent customer service system has taken a leading step forward by partnering with numerous pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and others. It provides patients with intelligent answers to medical knowledge while improving the efficiency and reducing costs for enterprises. Udesk's customer service system is committed to the research and development of intelligent customer service, guided by the belief in leading technology and outstanding service, providing customers with comprehensive solutions. Feel free to try out the Udesk intelligent customer service system. We will customize a solution tailored to your needs.

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