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Why Is Repeat Purchase Rate Essential in E-commerce Industry


Article Summary:In the dynamic landscape of the e-commerce industry, understanding and analyzing repeat purchase rates have emerged as critical metrics for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital marketplace.

What is Repeat Purchase Rate

The Repeat Purchase Rate refers to the percentage of customers who make a repeated purchase of the same product or service within a specific period of time. This metric reflects the loyalty of consumers to a brand or product and is typically expressed as a percentage. A high repeat purchase rate indicates that customers are highly satisfied and trusting of the product or service, which is a positive signal for businesses. It helps maintain a stable income stream, reduces marketing costs, and enhances brand reputation.

How to Calculate the Repeat Purchase Rate

Step 1. Calculate the number of repeat customers.

Step 2. Calculate the total number of customers.

Step 3. Divide the number of repeat customers by the total number of customers.

Step 4. Multiply by 100 to convert it into percentage form.

Repeat Purchase Rate = (Number of Repeat Purchase Customers/Total Number of Customers)✖100%

Although this metric may not be applicable to companies in all industries - such as those selling products with long sales cycles or with a one-time purchase-oriented business model , it is useful for measuring customer loyalty to a specific brand or seller.

In particular, the use of this metric is very common in the e-commerce industry because many of the products sold are fairly fast-moving.

For example, purchasing everyday essentials like soap and toiletries, pet food, cosmetics, clothing, and coffee are examples where this metric can measure customer loyalty. Consumers can become "regulars" at certain coffee shops, but becoming a "regular" at a yacht brokerage company is clearly not meaningful for most people.

Some Metrics Related to Repeat Purchase Rate

  • Customer Retention Rate: It measures the proportion of active customers retained over a certain period. Similar to the repeat purchase rate, customer retention rate is also one of the indicators for measuring customer loyalty. Customer Retention Rate tends to be a longer-term measure, often with variables that may reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, repeat purchase rate is more common in e-commerce and retail purchases, serving as a short-term marketing indicator, while retention rate is more practical in industries like SaaS, where the time span is longer.
  • Purchase Frequency: It represents how often customers purchase products or services within a certain period. A high purchase frequency may indicate strong demand for the product or service, but it doesn't necessarily reflect loyalty to the brand.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: It measures the value customers bring to a business over their entire relationship lifecycle. Customers with high repeat purchase rates often have higher customer lifetime values.
  • Basket Value: It indicates the average value of each shopping basket. An increase in repeat purchase rate may drive up basket value because loyal customers tend to buy more products or services.

The Significance of Calculating Repeat Purchase Rate

Reflect customer loyalty: A high repeat purchase rate indicates strong recognition of the brand or product by customers, which is a direct reflection of brand loyalty.

Optimize inventory management: Understanding which products have high repeat purchase rates can help businesses predict demand more accurately, optimize inventory allocation, and reduce backlog risks.

Guide marketing strategy: By analyzing repeat purchase behavior, businesses can identify high-value customer groups, target personalized marketing messages, and improve conversion efficiency.

Boost ROI: Compared to acquiring new customers, maintaining old customers costs less. Increasing repeat purchase rate can effectively improve return on investment (ROI).


Some merchants disclose analyses of their store's repeat purchase rate or independently operated repeat purchase rate. However, these analyses are often quite vague, typically presenting only a single percentage without specifying the statistical calculation period or relevant calculation criteria.

Hence, in repeat purchase rate analysis, the statistical period is crucial. It should be combined with the product category's operational cycle for a more meaningful and valuable analysis reference.

AI Chatbot in E-commerce

AI Chatbots play a crucial role in the e-commerce industry, revolutionizing customer experiences and driving business growth.

Intelligent recommendations: AI Chatbots can provide personalized shopping advice based on a user's purchase history and preferences, and tailor promotional activities and coupons to stimulate customers' motivation to continue purchasing.

Instant customer service experience: AI Chatbots provide 24/7 uninterrupted service, responding promptly to customer inquiries and resolving issues encountered during the shopping process, thereby enhancing satisfaction and trust. Fast and efficient customer service can significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and promote completed transactions.

Emotional interaction and retention: Chatbots not only provide information retrieval services but also engage in simple emotional communication, such as holiday greetings and birthday discounts, using natural language processing technology to strengthen emotional connections with customers and enhance brand loyalty.

Feedback collection and analysis: Leveraging AI Chatbots to collect customer feedback and analyze satisfaction levels and product improvement suggestions can help businesses continually optimize products and services, forming a virtuous cycle and further increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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