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Employee Experience Should Not Just Be a Conceptual Term


Article Summary:In today's competitive business environment, employee experience has emerged as a crucial factor for organizational success. This encompasses every aspect of an employee's journey within the company, from recruitment and onboarding to daily work environments and professional development. This guide introduces the ideal employee experience and Udesk's solution.

When you try your best to enhance the consumer experience, have you ever considered the working experience of your employees? It is often said that improving consumer experience is crucial because consumers are the "golden goose" that drives business sales and generates profits. But have you ever stopped to think about the employees who create value are vital throughout the entire value chain? Employee experience should not be dismissed as just a conceptual term; it deserves recognition and attention.

As an employer, you may have encountered various reasons for employees leaving: excessive work intensity, uncomfortable office environment, slow internal workflows, lack of employee benefits, and so on. But have you truly considered the underlying principles of employee management behind these reasons? Shifting your focus from "employee management" to "employee experience" will provide you with a whole new understanding.

What is employee experience

Initially, employee experience was often understood simply as employee satisfaction or engagement. With the rapid development and application of technology in the digital age, employees have increasingly higher expectations for their technological experiences at work. As a result, HR departments have shifted their focus towards enhancing automation and intelligence in service and support processes. In fact, the improvement of employee experience is manifested in the subsequent increase in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Ideal employee experience for employees

01 Easy and Convenient Access to Information

Employees desire services, processes, procedures, and personal information to be accessible online and easy to navigate. They want to access these resources anytime, anywhere, using their preferred devices, with seamless interaction across platforms. Cumbersome and outdated applications can lead to frustration, especially when employees are seeking critical information necessary for completing tasks

02 Process Transparency

Employees want clarity regarding their job performance and expectations, development opportunities, and internal promotion processes. Understanding how to achieve their goals fosters trust and engagement, creating happier employees who are more productive and contribute positively to the overall performance of the company.

03 Robust Technological Support and Resources

In the realm of intelligent customer service, employees expect to have access to technology and tools to support their work. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more valuable activities. Additionally, ample training resources and continuous learning opportunities are crucial for skill development.

04 Respect and Recognition

Employees seek a work environment that acknowledges their contributions, respects individual opinions, and values their career growth. This involves cultivating an open culture where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and providing diverse pathways for growth and personal development.

Case Study: Enhancing Employee Experience through Udesk’s Smart Solutions at Taikang Insurance

Taikang Insurance, a global leader in financial services, has consistently ranked among the Fortune Global 500. With a broad scope of business encompassing insurance, asset management, and healthcare, the company has seen rapid growth in both its operations and employee base. This expansion has led to an increased demand for internal services such as resume screening, onboarding, policy updates, and IT support. Consequently, the number of staff in functional teams has grown rapidly, yet addressing issues efficiently remains a challenge. To tackle these challenges, Taikang Insurance urgently needed to automate repetitive tasks, thereby reducing low-level repetitive work and enhancing overall work efficiency.


To address these challenges, Taikang Insurance partnered with udesk to implement the following smart solutions, focusing on enhancing the employee experience:

  • Internal Service Intelligence

Introducing intelligent services was a key highlight of the project. Through thorough business research and detailed scripting, the intelligent service system now covers over 90% of employee queries, greatly optimizing internal service processes.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Sharing and Search

An intelligent knowledge search tool was integrated into the company's internal communication platform, Lark. This created a knowledge management and intelligent search platform, allowing employees easy access to the information they need, thus better supporting their daily work.

Integrating systems like Human Capital Management (HCM), recruitment, finance, and attendance, the AI chatbot can automatically provide feedback and handle employee inquiries. This feature ensures quick responses and efficient resolution of employee issues.


The implementation of these smart solutions has significantly enhanced the employee experience at Taikang Insurance:

Increased Work Efficiency

The smart platform achieved an 80% issue resolution rate. The AI chatbot swiftly addressed numerous common queries, regulations, and process-related questions, significantly reducing the workload of employees. This allowed functional department members to focus more on specialized and complex tasks. Not only did this improve overall work efficiency, but it also provided better logistical support for employees.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Quick problem resolution and convenient knowledge search, combined with precise services provided through 360-degree employee profiles, truly made Taikang employees feel valued by the company. This efficient and precise service significantly strengthened internal cohesion and boosted employee satisfaction.

By adopting these smart solutions, Taikang Insurance not only streamlined internal processes but also created a supportive environment that empowers employees to thrive, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in employee experience.

Essential Elements of the Udesk Employee Experience Platform

Security & Data Protection

  • Enhanced Data Encryption: Ensure that all data transmission and storage processes utilize industry-standard encryption technologies to safeguard employees' personal information and sensitive business data.
  • Access Control: Implement stringent access management protocols, allowing only authorized personnel to access specific information, thereby preventing data breaches.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the platform's design and operations comply with international and regional data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Communication & Collaboration Features

  • Real-Time Communication: Integrate instant messaging, video conferencing, and other functionalities to facilitate effective communication within teams and across departments.
  • Collaboration Tools: Provide document sharing, project management tools, and support for remote collaboration to enhance team productivity.
  • Feedback Channels: Establish clear feedback mechanisms to encourage employees to offer suggestions and raise issues, promoting continuous improvement.

Udesk not only provides intelligent customer service systems for consumers but also focuses on offering system services for internal corporate use, making "employee experience" no longer just a conceptual term.

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