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Schneider Electric x Udesk: to make the businesses more connected


Article Summary:Udesk has provided Schneider Electric with an online customer service system, intelligent robots, knowledge base, and ticketing system, greatly reducing the workload of customer service personnel and significantly improving the customer experience.

Udesk has provided Schneider Electric with an online customer service system, intelligent robots, knowledge base, and ticketing system, greatly reducing the workload of customer service personnel and significantly improving the customer experience.

Schneider Electric is a global leader in the field of energy efficiency management, providing integrated solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial, data centers and networks, buildings, and residential markets in more than 100 countries.

In the 2012 fiscal year, Schneider Electric achieved a total revenue of 24 billion euros worldwide and had over 140,000 employees in more than 100 countries. In December 2018, Schneider Electric was listed in the “2018 World’s Top 500 Brands” released by the World Brand Lab.

Schneider Electric’s services cover various aspects such as electrical services, energy and sustainability services, on-site and automation services, facility services, training, and more. The company is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for customers, starting from planning, installation, operation, optimization, and updates, to help customers optimize their assets, personnel, equipment, and workshops.

The substantial business has led to a significant amount of visits and inquiries, making Schneider Electric’s customer service one of the crucial customer experience scenarios. However, the large volume has also brought forth several issues.

As a result, Schneider Electric decided to launch an intelligent customer service system. After a period of research, Udesk’s comprehensive intelligent customer service system entered the selection group’s field of vision. Ultimately, Udesk, with its profound understanding of manufacturing industry application scenarios and the platform’s flexibility and efficiency, reached a cooperation agreement with Schneider Electric.

The vast business system has led to a sharp increase in customer visits.

Schneider Electric has long used the official online store as one of its current marketing methods. Due to the high professionalism of pre-sales and after-sales online consultations, and the large volume of inquiries, manual handling has become extremely difficult. For example:

1. Customers can access channels including WeChat official accounts, the official website, and other channels, leading to dispersed issues that cannot be integrated for unified resolution.

2. Customer demands can arise at any time, and when manual customer service is not available during working hours, customer inquiries cannot be answered promptly.

3. Customers’ problems are quite complex, and when customer service staff lack experience or have limited knowledge, they are unable to provide accurate responses to customers.

Therefore, establishing an effective communication channel has become Schneider Electric’s top priority. Through preliminary research, Schneider Electric found that although online customer service inquiries are numerous and complex, they still exhibit considerable commonalities. If a chatbot can be introduced, this challenge can be addressed.

End-to-end solution to quickly solve customer problems

Based on this research, Schneider Electric has introduced Udesk’s online customer service system, intelligent robots, knowledge base, and work order system to assist customer service and improve customer experience.

First, through Omnichannel access, integrating various channels such as WeChat public account and the official website, customer inquiries are unified into the customer service system.

Secondly, the 24-hour online intelligent robot is responsible for reception. Unsolvable problems are then assigned to human agents either manually or through intelligent allocation. The work order system intelligently distributes information from all channels, enabling the team to collaborate efficiently and complete tasks effectively.


At the same time, the knowledge base assists customer service personnel in providing more accurate, professional, and in-depth consultation responses.

Most importantly, the intelligent robot can autonomously learn from the words and semantics in the questions and answers, providing more comprehensive and professional responses.

This process can free customer service personnel from tedious, repetitive work, focusing resources on solving customers’ key issues. By entrusting a large number of common issues to robots, it significantly reduces manual service time and improves service quality.

The customer experience has been significantly improved.

After Schneider launched the customer service system, it has achieved very good results:

1. Integrated multi-channel online customer service has improved efficiency and also effectively monitored and statistically analyzed service quality.

2. By organizing scripts and aggregating historical chat records using a knowledge graph, it has greatly reduced the redundancy of the knowledge base, increased operational efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

3. The intelligent robot can quickly respond to customer needs 24 hours a day, quickly resolving simple and repetitive inquiries, ensuring timely feedback to user issues, reducing the workload of customer service, improving user satisfaction, and achieving mutual promotion internally and externally.

Unveiling the Product’s Features

1. Online Customer Service System

This system helps customers access various user channels such as WeChat Official Accounts, the web official website, etc. It provides unified workstation responses across multiple channels, enabling quick and timely handling of various customer needs. It assigns specific customer service representatives to handle different types of inquiries, reducing wait times and providing customers with professional answers.

2. Intelligent Chatbot

Udesk’s intelligent chatbot ensures rapid response to customer needs 24/7, swiftly resolving simple and repetitive inquiries. This guarantees timely feedback to user queries, reduces the workload of customer service personnel, and enhances user satisfaction.

3. Knowledge Base

This feature assists customers in sharing internal information and supports customer service personnel in addressing complex inquiries, thereby improving the company’s service standards.

4. Ticketing System

This system helps customers share internal information and assists customer service personnel in addressing complex inquiries, thus enhancing the company’s service standards.

Schneider Electric is an expert in the field of energy management and automation, and is also a Fortune 500 company. The intelligent customer service system developed by Udesk has enabled Schneider Electric to provide more timely and accurate services to its customers, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, it has allowed Udesk to accumulate more service experience in the manufacturing industry. In the future, Udesk will continue to focus on creating high-quality customer experiences to support customer success.

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