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Udesk x 3M: AI boosts manufacturing, enabling 3M China to achieve high-quality business growth


Article Summary:In the digital age, how traditional manufacturing enterprises can keep pace with user demands in marketing and services has been a topic of continuous exploration for many companies.

Currently, driven by the new generation of technology, traditional manufacturing industries around the world are facing new opportunities for development and transformation. Especially the digital technology industry represented by artificial intelligence has entered a stage of explosive growth, driving the practical application of digital tools in many industries and helping various scenarios to achieve digitization and intelligence.

Marketing Scenario: Convenience, Speed, Visualization

3M China is a global company focused on material services and products. The company is headquartered in Minnesota, USA, and is a well-known multinational manufacturing company with over 55,000 products, including abrasive materials, tapes, adhesives, electronic products, display products, medical products, and household products.


As business growth becomes more challenging, 3M China is using advertisements to generate customer leads. However, the quality varies, so they need to filter out high-quality B2B customer leads from the data, remove invalid leads, and pass on the genuine and reliable leads to the sales team for follow-up. Additionally, 3M China has a large amount of idle historical customer data that hasn’t been effectively utilized. They hope to strengthen connections with old customers and activate existing customer resources.

01 Customer Pain Points

1. Staff shortage and high cost of manual outbound calls:

3M China doesn’t have dedicated staff for outbound calls, and hiring additional staff would be costly in terms of manpower.

2. Difficulty in managing outbound calls across multiple departments:

Outbound business is complex and requires cooperation from multiple departments, which increases the difficulty of business management for each department.

3. Poor timeliness of manual outbound calls:

Outbound calls are not handled by a dedicated person, which adds to the workload of internal staff, often resulting in outbound tasks not being completed on time, leading to wasted customer resources.

4. Lack of standardized reports for outbound call data:

Outbound calls made by AI cannot generate standardized reports, making data analysis more difficult.

02 Solutions

1. Customized scenario scripts, automated robot outbound calls:

Based on the needs of 3M China’s business, Udesk has sorted out three scenarios: product supplier selection, prospective customer screening, and event notifications, and has compiled more than twenty sets of outbound call scripts. Each business scenario has a dedicated robot call, eliminating the need for manual script training and reducing manual work by 70% through robot supervision.

2. Reasonable allocation of account permissions to meet their business management needs:

As there are many departments using outbound call robots, in order to facilitate each department in managing their own outbound work, Udesk supports the allocation of different permissions to different accounts to protect the privacy of each department. Members of different departments will see different information, thus improving the efficiency of each department’s work.

3. Simultaneous outbound calls to ensure timeliness:

Get a deep understanding of the business situation in each department, and plan the robot concurrency reasonably according to the business volume in different business scenarios to ensure the smooth progress of outbound tasks.

4. Standardized data reporting and intelligent data analysis:

Udesk continuously optimizes the dialogue process for robot customer service, allowing the robot to identify user intentions based on their responses and intelligently tag them. The Insight data report function automatically calculates the number of potential customers, reducing manual operations and facilitating follow-up.

Data shows that the robots have covered outbound scenarios for over twenty 3M China products, ensuring smooth outbound operations for all businesses and reducing manual costs by 70%. The robots have achieved an 80% highest connection rate and a 90% accuracy rate in voice recognition, collecting user intentions with 99% accuracy to ensure no valid leads are missed and customer resources are not wasted.

Service Scenario: Comprehensive, Intelligent, Humanized

The oral care products department under 3M China is committed to improving people’s lifelong oral health, providing a variety of products and solutions for tooth restoration, orthodontics, prevention, and more. Since the invention of the first filling material in 1947, they have been continuously focused on innovation and research, helping simplify operational processes for dentists and contributing to clinical success. With the development of their business and the increasing demand for online services, there is a need to create an intelligent customer service system to respond to customer inquiries.

In response to the needs of 3M China’s oral care products department, Udesk has developed an intelligent customer service center to achieve a comprehensive, intelligent, and humanized user service experience. Specific functions include:

1. FAQ Automatic Matching: Input key question information to receive precise replies.

2. Precise Keyword Search: Input keywords to precisely find the information users are looking for.

3. Product Images: Access high-definition images of dental products online, with the ability to zoom in on product details.

4. Operation Instruction Diagrams: High-definition operation diagrams that demonstrate detailed usage steps.

5. Product Manuals: Click to access product manuals for efficient and convenient retrieval of product information.

6. Video Retrieval: A comprehensive collection of dental product operation videos available for online viewing at any time.

7. Guess What You Want to Ask: Intelligent query recommendations, including product introductions, usage consultations, and operation videos.

Application Effects:

1. Cost Reduction

The text robot created by Udesk efficiently intercepts incoming customers, significantly reducing manual reception volume, alleviating customer service pressure, and saving internal operational labor costs.

2. Knowledge Accumulation

Udesk uses three knowledge models to help companies accumulate knowledge content, assist human agents, reduce enterprise knowledge maintenance costs, and serve as a knowledge base for training customer service representatives.

3. Experience Enhancement

Udesk provides targeted services to customers based on different business types, reducing problem resolution time and improving service satisfaction.

4. Data Retention

By intercepting incoming customers at the entry point through the text robot, 3M China can analyze interception situations and public sentiment to assist in upgrading service operations for different customer groups.

In the digital age, how traditional manufacturing enterprises can keep pace with user demands in marketing and services has been a topic of continuous exploration for many companies. Increasingly, practical evidence shows that new technologies such as artificial intelligence will play an irreplaceable role in this process. As a provider of AI and marketing service solutions, Udesk will continue to strengthen its AI industry’s capabilities, implementing AI technology in marketing, services, internal sharing, and other scenarios to help more industries and enterprises achieve intelligent and digital transformation.

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