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Three Key Points in Selecting Video Chat


Article Summary:For many enterprises, selecting a suitable video chat is a challenge. This article will start from three key points to help you choose a suitable video chat tool.

Over the past twenty years, we have come a long way in customer service field, step by step, from telephones, ACD, CTI, IVR, recording, CMS, CRM, ACS, to upgrading customer interaction channels from telephones, work orders, text messages, emails, to Weibo, WeChat, Webchat, and Apps. And now, we are ready to embrace the arrival of video customer service, bringing about a whole new change in customer interaction channels and customer experience.

Definition of Video Chat

Video chat is a customer service tool that utilizes video call technology to provide real-time online assistance to customers. Through video calls, customers can interact face-to-face with service representatives, resolving issues in real time and enjoying a more intuitive and efficient customer service experience. Video customer service typically integrates various interaction methods such as voice, text, and images to meet diverse customer needs.

Three Key Points in Selecting Video Chat in Technology

Video chat supports providing visitors with one-on-one or one-to-many real-time video, electronic whiteboard, and other functionalities on webpages, apps, WeChat, and other channels. It also offers management features like recording, playback, routing, and forwarding. When considering technical options, it is important to focus on the following three key points:

Compatibility and Integration Capability

Extensive Platform Support: Ensure that the video chat functionality covers a wide range of mainstream platforms, including but not limited to PC web browsers, H5-based mobile web pages, native Android and iOS mobile applications, as well as social media platforms such as WeChat. This achieves seamless access across multiple scenarios.

Seamless Text-to-Video Conversion: In the process of ongoing text chat, users can easily switch to video communication with one click without interrupting the conversation flow, improving the user experience.

Call Center Integration Capability: The system is designed to be compatible with traditional call center architectures, enabling smooth switching and interaction between video, audio, and text communications, ensuring that the customer service team responds efficiently to various types of customer inquiries.

By prioritizing compatibility and integration capability, organizations can provide a seamless and efficient video customer service experience across multiple platforms and enhance customer satisfaction.

Video Call Quality and Optimization

Intelligent Network Adaptation: Ensuring stable and reliable video call quality, the system dynamically adjusts the bitrate and frame rate of video transmission based on real-time network conditions, guaranteeing a smooth communication experience.

HD Screenshot Guarantee: Even in poor network conditions, the system can capture and transmit high-definition images, ensuring clear and compliant information delivery during service sessions and effectively reducing business risks.

Excellent Web Compatibility: By utilizing advanced web technologies, the system achieves plugin-free integration, allowing users to enjoy high-quality video customer service without the need for additional downloads or software installations.

Hardware-Accelerated Encoding and Decoding: Specifically optimized for Android devices, the system supports hardware encoding and decoding capabilities, significantly improving video processing efficiency and visual performance on low-configuration devices.

By prioritizing video call quality and implementing optimization measures, organizations can provide a seamless and high-quality video customer service experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

User Experience and Feature Extension

Flexible Screen Adaptation: The mobile application supports free switching between portrait and landscape modes to meet the viewing habits of different users and enhance ease of use.

HD Video Option: Depending on business requirements, the system can be configured to support 1080p full HD video calls, ensuring high visual clarity during visual communication.

Advanced Audio Processing: Integrated with adaptive frame rate and bitrate control, noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic gain control technologies, the system provides users with a clear and interference-free voice communication environment.

Low Latency Transmission: Ensuring video transmission latency is less than 500 milliseconds, approaching real-time communication experience, enhancing interaction efficiency.

Video Recording and Playback: Supporting video call recording on both the client-side and server-side for subsequent auditing, training or customer review. Meanwhile, the system provides client-side video and audio playback functionality, increasing service transparency and customer satisfaction.

Check Out Udesk's Video Chat

As a leading enterprise in the intelligent customer service field, Udesk is continuously committed to exploring advanced artificial intelligence technology and real-time audiovisual communication technology. This enables us to provide both customers and customer service personnel with bidirectional real-time video interaction capabilities, supporting video display and playback, as well as synchronous online communication through voice and text with clear picture quality and low latency.

Udesk's  technology has been widely applied in various scenarios such as after-sales service, online education, product guidance, medical consultations, remote business transactions, and product repairs. Consumers can enjoy VIP services from the comfort of their homes, enabling them to interact face-to-face with real individuals. This not only helps in enhancing customer experience but also significantly reduces costs and improves customer service efficiency for enterprises.

If you are interested in Udesk's Video Chat, contact us now.

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