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BBD X Udesk: Strategic Cooperation for Worldwide Customer Experience


Article Summary:For BYD's international growth, Udesk provides various functions such as cross-border call centers, foreign ticketing systems, and channel integration.

Chinese Automotive Industry's International Growth

On May 7, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers compiled data from the General Administration of Customs, revealing that in March 2024, China's automobile exports reached 490,000 units, a 24.5% increase from February. Notably, March's data showed significant growth compared to the same period last year, both in terms of export volume and value, indicating that the competitiveness of China's automotive industry in the international market is continually strengthening. Overall, the first quarter of 2024 exhibited robust vehicle export performance, demonstrating China's emerging competitive advantage in the global automotive market.

The rapid growth in China's automobile exports is attributed to the ongoing upgrades in domestic car consumption and is closely related to overseas market conditions. By accelerating their international growth, Chinese automotive companies aim to seize new development opportunities in a complex external environment.

Currently, Chinese automotive companies venturing into international markets face favorable opportunities, including factors such as policies, markets, supply chains, and branding. In this context, establishing a digitalized international growth system will be a crucial initiative.

While the international market provides unprecedented growth potential for Chinese automotive brands, there are several challenges in customer service overseas, such as:

  • Language Barrier: Communication difficulties due to language differences can impact service quality and customer satisfaction, requiring companies to invest more resources in addressing language barriers.
  • Time Zone Differences: Variations in time zones across different regions may affect the responsiveness to customer needs and service quality.
  • After-Sales Maintenance Support: Overseas customers may require maintenance support during the usage of automobiles, necessitating companies to establish comprehensive repair and after-sales service systems abroad. For instance, utilizing digital means like remote fault diagnosis, online appointment scheduling for repairs, and parts logistics tracking systems can significantly shorten repair cycles and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Ticket System Creation: The lack of a unified ticketing system covering both domestic and international operations is also a challenge. This could lead to inconsistent service processes, thereby affecting service quality.

Udesk Powers BYD's Global Voyage


In light of the aforementioned challenges, the significance of an intelligent customer service system is self-evident. Among numerous customer service system providers, Udesk stands out. The Udesk intelligent customer service platform is a multifunctional, intelligent customer service solution that integrates multiple channels, provides multilingual support, introduces call center and work order systems, and helps companies achieve comprehensive customer service upgrades. This enhances customer experience, strengthens brand image, and effectively promotes enterprises' development and competitiveness in overseas markets.

Udesk collaborates with BYD, assisting its international growth and capturing more international development opportunities. For BYD's international growth, Udesk provides various functions such as cross-border call centers, foreign ticketing systems, and channel integration.


Established in February 1995, BYD is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. After more than 20 years of rapid development, it has established over 30 industrial parks globally, strategically covering six continents. BYD's business spans across electronics, automobiles, new energy, and rail transit sectors. In the process of overseas market development, there is a need for upgrading customer service in the field.

Udesk's Contribution to Enhanced Customer Experience and Service Efficiency in the Field of Intelligent Customer Service

Utilization of Call Center:

Udesk's call center supports multiple languages worldwide and offers various calling modes, including mobile, IP landline, and web-based phone modes. This enables overseas users to make inquiries via phone, which are then answered and resolved by the domestic customer service team.

Effect: This initiative significantly enhances communication and interaction between overseas users and BYD. Customers can obtain answers through direct voice communication, improving communication efficiency and convenience while overcoming language barriers. This strengthens customer trust and loyalty to the BYD brand.

Utilization of Ticketing System:

The ticketing system allows the creation of service work orders while agents handle incoming calls. In unattended situations, the system automatically records calls and provides supplementary recording functions for agents to add information. Implementing a unified ticketing system enhances work efficiency.

Effect: The introduction of the ticketing system ensures quicker and more comprehensive resolution of customer issues. The customer service team can efficiently manage and follow up on customer issues, establishing a unified ticketing process that enhances customer satisfaction and brand image.


Udesk integrates multiple channels, including phone, email, social media, and website, to manage customer inquiries across these channels and provide one-stop service. Multiple users can join a conversation simultaneously, and various queue strategies can be set to ensure timely service and support.

Effect: By integrating multiple channels, Udesk provides BYD with comprehensive and flexible customer service support. Customers can contact the company through various channels, enhancing communication convenience and flexibility. For the customer service team, a unified platform significantly improves work efficiency and streamlines operations across different platforms.

Elevate Your Global Customer Service to new heights

Standing at a new juncture of "going global," creating a global value chain has become a critical strategic goal for Chinese automotive companies venturing overseas. Digitization, intelligence, and electrification have emerged as the core competencies driving the internationalization of Chinese automotive enterprises. As a leading Chinese artificial intelligence marketing service provider, Udesk is committed to comprehensively assisting more enterprises in their overseas endeavors, helping them navigate steadily and win in global markets with our cross-border customer solutions.

If you are also dedicated to expanding into overseas markets and seeking an intelligent customer service system, try Udesk's intelligent customer service system for free. Elevate your customer service to new heights and excel in your international ventures.

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